As February slowly fades,
The curtains are slowly pulled down;
So much we planned to achieve,
Not a quarter-mile we have gone.

For breath our nostrils draw freely,
For distance our legs never cease to travel;
For things our hands never fail to grasp,
We have not much to say than Thank You.

For goals yet unachievable,
Faith we have to see them come to pass;
For as it dawns to a bright new day,
Your strength our feeble bodies receive.

We patiently wait to see the light,
As the curtains are raised to reveal it’s brightness;
Oh March, how I’ve longed to see you,
‘Cause your presence keeps me going.


©Composed and Written by Phebe Olaniran

Author: Phebe

Phebe (Reju) Olaniran is a Christian full time Wife, Momma, Architect, Designer, Idea-woman, Writer and an ever learning student who loves God and Family intimately. Aside all these, she is a big Foodie who loves to create healthy recipes and cook “yummy”-healthy-beautiful meals. When she is not doing all that, you’ll find her sketching or reading. Her heart desire is for everyone to discover, experience and flourish in the beautiful scenery of Life just as God designed.

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