Overwhelmed with the bustling life of an average college student, Sisi was so clueless as to how to balance the scale of social life, spiritual life and academic life. Barely rounding off her very first semester in college, Sisi found herself caught up in the wind of the youthful exuberance that overcomes an average naive college girl.

As fate would have it, she found herself with room-mates who had her best interest at heart. Even at that, Sisi could not still make a decision neither could she set the boundaries. This led to many mistakes and regrettable experiences. Inspite of all these, her roommates remained her solace when the going went bad. These room-mates never turned away from been there for her.

Many-a-times, messed up and drunk, Sisi returned to the room. These friends never abandoned her and didn’t hesitate to clean her up and make her look good. This didn’t make her withdraw from the bad influence which had resulted to her careless lifestyle. Unfortunately for Sisi, with no idea of what went on at a party she attended some months back discovered she was with child. Thrown into a state of confusion, Sisi began to come off her frivolous lifestyle. She began staying back at the hostel more often. This made her room-mates curious to find out what had happened to warrant the sudden change of behavior.

“Oh my, how did it happen? Who is responsible? Her roommates asked in unison. “I don’t know”, came the response. “You have to tell you parents, no matter their decision, we are here for you.” The other group of friends who seemed so important to Sisi had suddenly disappeared into thin air after discovering what had happened to their friend.

Rejected by her parents, Sisi felt as though she wouldn’t survive another day. Her roommates stood by her till her baby was brought forth and encouraged her to finish school. Sisi owe her success in Life to these awesome room-mates who carried her on their shoulders till she could stand on her feet again.

This reminds me of a similar scenario in scriptures:

Some men arrived carrying a paraplegic (paralyzed man) on a stretcher. They were looking for a way to get into the house and set him before Jesus. When they couldn’t find a way in because of the crowd, they went up on the roof, removed some tiles, and let him down in the middle of everyone, right in front of Jesus. Impressed by their bold belief, he said, “Friend, I forgive your sins.” Luke 5:18-20 (MSG)

When we read these verses, most times we only see the act of Jesus healing the paralyzed man. Let us look at the other characters in the verses as well – The paralyzed man and the four men. I believe the Four men who carried him on the stretcher were his friends.

At that time, when Jesus was in the city, everyone ran to him to receive their miracle for themselves. But these four men decided to put their own problems aside and help their friend whose problem was more than theirs. When they saw that they couldn’t take him in, they could have as well left him at the door so that when Jesus was coming out, he would heal him. They didn’t do that. Instead, they took him to the roof, removed some tiles and set him right in front of Jesus. The help of these four friends gave this man the answer to his problem.

Credit : google.com

Who are your stretcher bearers? Do you have any stretcher bearers? Identify your stretcher-bearers. They would do whatever it takes them, no matter how inconvenient it is to make sure you are standing right on your feet. Not just anywhere, but at the top of your mountains.


***Stay tuned as tomorrow we would be discussing WHO ARE YOUR STRETCHER BEARERS?

God bless you.


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