Those who know me can tell how petite I am. My profession is one that puts me before all kinds of people. When I am at my job, I am more than a Goliath. I am more like David, not afraid of how giant the challenge may present itself. I remember working as the Project Architect for a particular client. That was like my biggest shot really. This client believed in my judgement of design, supervision of execution and undaunted attitude towards contractors during inspection. Not to forget my boss’ faith in me to handle it exceptionally.

Three things were at stake here. My reputation, my company’s and my client’s. Whatever the outcome would be is on three of us. I focused, worked hard, asked questions and baaaam!!! I was on top of my game.

In the course of this project, I happened to be a character in my own version of the “David and Goliath show”. I was downgraded by the contractor due to my petite stature. I’m sure somewhere in his heart, he was so happy thinking he would get away with somethings. Unfortunately for him, just like David, I wasn’t moved. The interesting thing was that my wonderful client trusted my judgement on everything about that project. Whatever I take, they took. What I reject, they rejected as well. Even when the contractor wanted to do some “backyard arrangements”, they always kept me in the know. They TRUSTED me more than I trusted myself. This pushed me beyond my comfort zone to harness the hidden leadership talents I had in me.

When the contractor wanted to get away with things, he went to the client directly. The client on the other hand sent him to me. It became so difficult for him. What he saw as a piece of fish soon became a piece of bone that he couldn’t break. At this point he became humble and started to see how he can win me. Unfortunately for him, it was at the time when I really needed to stand my ground and he lost in the end.


Most times, precious gifts come in little packages and the tendency to question its authenticity and originality is inevitable. Let me put your imagination to work. “Imagine two people who have been dating for quite a while now. All the while you have been dating, he has never given you any gift. On this beautiful sunny day, he comes for that dinner with two boxes, one small and one big. (the small one contains an engagement ring and the other a lovely dress) He drops them on the table and tells you to chose. Your human mind will tell you to pick the bigger as whatever is in it would be big, more so it’s the first time. But shamefully, you would pick the small one and get the proposal you didn’t see coming.

Right when David was speaking with them, Goliath, the Philistine champion from Gath, came forward from the Philistine ranks and said the same things he had said before. David listened. When the Israelites saw Goliath, every one of them ran away terrified of him. Now the Israelite soldiers had been saying to each other: “Do you see this man who keeps coming out? How he comes to insult Israel?… “You can’t go out and fight this Philistine,” Saul answered David. “You are still a boy. But he’s been a warrior since he was a boy!” “Go!” Saul replied to David. “And may the Lord be with you!” I Samuel 17:23-25,33,37 (CEB)

Just like I was trusted by my client and boss irrespective of my petite size, Saul trusted David and sent him to go kill the giant. I wasn’t moved by the proud lips of the contractor neither was David moved by the bragging attitude of the giant. The PACKAGE was SMALL, but the SUCCESS was HUGE. In our daily life, solutions to big mountainous problems may come in a small packages and the tendency to overlook it is there. Judging by the size of your problem, your head will tell you what will that do? Don’t worry, embrace that little package of solution and never let it slip out of your hand because its just what you need.

What is that problem?

How has it presented itself?

Sometimes, the solution to that problem may come from the lips of the young child who you think does not know anything. It may come from the newly employed colleague of yours or even your help. Employer, it may be your employee.

Watch out for the small boxes that would be delivered, the solution you’ve been waiting all this while might be one of it.

God bless you.



© Plenitude 2015


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Hello, I'm Phebe! (Pronounced "fee bee") My friends call me Phebs or Phebet! I wear many hats (Wife, Mom, Architect, Designer, Business owner and so on) and I try to blend them beautifully by God’s Grace.

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