As I sat at my desk to type what I have prepared for today, I had a sudden change of mind as I was inspired to continue from yesterday’s scope. After Marcus was retrenched, Hillary took to doing everything at work by himself. This made him sleep over most of the times at the office trying to meet every deadlines and respond to every mail. He didn’t assign tasks to any of his subordinates. He felt, no one could do it to his approval and hence decided to do everything all by himself. When his superiors discovered it, they called him to a meeting. They explained to him that if he continued on the part he was going, he would not last. He would be stressed, his health will fail him and his work performance will decline and they would be forced to retire him.

There are some of you who at your workplace don’t see the need for teamwork. You don’t see anyone as good as yourself. You portray yourself as a “know-it-all”. When you are asked to be a team leader, you see all your team members as dumb people who know nothing, hence you carry the whole work on your head. Why? Do you think you are better than them? Do you think they don’t have anything to bring to the table?

“A body is made up of many parts, and each of them has its own use” A Team can be likened to a human body. Let’s put our imagination to work. “You are preparing to go for an occasion and you want to really look good. Your legs take you to your closet, your hands pick out the clothes to be worn, your eyes screens the clothes for a while, your brain in your head says its okay”. Different parts of your body played their different role in making the whole YOU look stunning. Lastly, after all is been done, you go to the mirror and see an amazing finished product – YOU.

You will be so happy and ask yourself, so I look this beautiful? You better start to thank those parts of your body for doing their work faithfully. Just imagine if your mouth decided to do all the work, your mouth take you to your closet, your mouth do the work of the hands and nose and brain. How will that turn out? So also in your place of work, at home, in your ministry, assign tasks to other people to do. Don’t put unnecessary stress on yourself. Come to think of it, If you are the boss, you own that company and you suddenly are no more and those under you don’t’ know how to do it simply because you did everything yourself and didn’t see the need to teach or assign others to it. The company might end up going along with you to the great beyond. It will cease to exist.

Credit: google.com
Credit: google.com

On the other hand, if you are just a head of a particular department, when you are no more, someone else would take your place in less than a second. I am not saying you shouldn’t work at all, I am saying that you shouldn’t do all the work. Let others do some of them as well. After all, the last time I checked, God gave us two hands, not three, not four. The third and fourth hands are those of others. To achieve maximum success and great performance at what you do, don’t neglect your team members. Like people say and I like to paraphrase mine – “If you keep fishing and fishing and fishing, when you can’t fish any more, how do you eat fish? Teach others to fish so that when you can’t fish any more, they will fish and you can always get fish from them to eat”.

Let me tell you of another man who wanted to do everything by himself. The next day, Moses had the special job of judging the people. There were so many people that they had to stand before him all day. Jethro saw Moses judging the people. He asked, “Why are you doing this? Why are you the only judge? And why do people come to you all day?” Then Moses said to his father-in-law, “The people come to me and ask me to ask for God’s decision for their problem. If people have an argument, they come to me, and I decide which person is right. In this way I teach the people God’s laws and teachings.” But Moses’ father-in-law said to him, “This isn’t the right way to do this. It is too much work for you to do alone. You cannot do this job by yourself. It wears you out. And it makes the people tired too. Now, listen to me. Let me give you some advice. And I pray God will be with you. You should continue listening to the problems of the people. And you should continue to speak to God about these things. You should explain God’s laws and teachings to the people. Warn them not to break the laws. Tell them the right way to live and what they should do. But you should also choose some of the people to be judges and leaders. “Choose good men you can trust—men who respect God. Choose men who will not change their decisions for money. Make these men rulers over the people. There should be rulers over 1000 people, 100 people, 50 people, and even over ten people. Let these rulers judge the people. If there is a very important case, then they can come to you and let you decide what to do. But they can decide the other cases themselves. In this way these men will share your work with you, and it will be easier for you to lead the people. If you do this as God directs you, then you will be able to do your job without tiring yourself out. And the people can still have all their problems solved before they return home.” So Moses did what Jethro told him. Moses chose good men from among the Israelites. He made them leaders over the people. There were rulers over 1000 people, 100 people, 50 people, and ten people. These rulers were judges for the people. The people could always bring their arguments to these rulers, and Moses had to decide only the most important cases. Exodus 18:13-26 (ERV)

Pic Credit: beekmanlibrary.org
Pic Credit: beekmanlibrary.org

Assign people to do some things. Their contributions is just what you need to attain that height of greatness. And to you who is the team member, be faithful and don’t hesitate to ask for help from others when its obvious you are going nowhere with that task assigned to you. Don’t have a nonchalant attitude towards whatever is assigned to you. Just imagine if you were the team leader and those who are members of your team decide to handle all task given to them with levity and in the end, the project fails. How would you feel?

To get the Job done, make your members involved? You will save yourself some energy and save yourself “self-inflicted” health issues.

To you who have been assigned to that task, do it faithfully and do what it takes to get the job done. Don’t say I am older than him/her, I have been here before he/she came. I am more experienced than him/her. If you are more experienced? Put the experience to work and let us see the benefits of the experience.

When we all learn to be like the human body, at the end of the day, we would all be proud of ourselves – team leader and members.

God bless you.



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