While growing up as a teenager, my sisters and I misplaced our uncle’s Don Williams CD. I can’t even remember how it got missing. We knew that when my Uncle returned from his trip, he would definitely want to play that CD. We thought that we would be grounded if we confessed that the CD went missing. So out of the little savings we had, we quickly rushed to a bookshop to purchase another one and replace it so he won’t find out. As young ones, we thought we were smart and had gotten away with it. But alas the day of reckoning came when my Uncle finally arrived and on seeing the CD knew it wasn’t his own. He wasn’t happy about it and reported to my dad. When my dad sent for us, we thought again that he wanted to give us something, forgetting that we did something earlier.

Immediately we entered dad’s room and saw the CD, we knew we were in trouble. What we thought we had gotten away with came staring at us right in the face. “What happened to your uncle’s CD that you went to buy another one?” He asked. “Emm Emm, it got missing. We thought he would ground us so we decided to buy another one and replace it.” We responded. “So do you think replacing it was the right thing to do? That was very insulting. Go and apologize to him now and you are all grounded.” My dad said. When we went to apologise, he simply said we should have just told him and that he forgive us so we should take the CD away. See what our thinking caused us. It costed us money, and the grounding we were running away from.

So many times, what we think is far from what really is. Our thoughts most of the times push us so hard that we end up in harms way and also making wrong decisions. When the question is then asked, our reply becomes, “I thought”.

Sometimes we make rash and costly decisions because “we thought”. Sometimes we don’t taste our words before they come out simply because “we thought”. The thing is that the outbreak of the “I thought syndrome” usually cost us either our reputation, our trust, our relationships, our homes, our jobs and even our lives.

What were you afraid of? Why did you do this to me?” Then Abraham said, “I thought no one in this place respected God. I thought someone would kill me to get Sarah. Genesis 20:10-11(ERV)

Taking a cue from Father Abraham’s case, because he thought they would kill him for his wife’s sake, he almost destroyed a whole nation. And cost himself his dear wife. How many of us have thought we would get into trouble and in a bid to avoid it, we end up doing something worse than what would have been.

Children thinking their parents would beat them for breaking that glass or going out with that friend end up lying about it. When the truth finally comes out, our thinking would have cost us something.

In another case, it could be a spouse thinking that his/her significant other is unfaithful because of a text you saw or the conversation of a call you overhead. You in the end lose the trust of their significant other and in a worse case scenario lose your home.

Oh how much we can lose by thinking and how much we can save by owning up to what really is. Many a times our thoughts are misleading and the tendency to always anticipate a pessimistic outcome of a particular situation cannot be ruled out. Let me remind you that our thoughts controls our lives. If your thoughts are always headed towards negativity and hence the reason to avoid the outcome, you might end up falling victims to your thoughts. Let your thoughts be positive, give people around you a probable benefit of doubts. Your thoughts about that person might be all wrong in the end.

Wherever you find yourself, please guard your thoughts. When they are headed to negativity, reroute them to the positive lane.

Everyone has has the right to freedom of thought. Think truth, think positive!

God bless you.

©BLArticles 2015


Published by Phebe

Hello, I'm Phebe! (Pronounced "fee bee") My friends call me Phebs or Phebet! I wear many hats (Wife, Mom, Architect, Designer, Business owner and so on) and I try to blend them beautifully by God’s Grace.

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