Day 3: CALL SOMEONE (who you haven’t heard from)

Back in the days, people wrote letters to friends and families far away just to check up on them or make a request. With the birth of technology, we have phones and progressed all the more to even have mobile ones that we take everywhere with us. Thank God that if not all of us, majority of us have one or two mobile phones that are functioning properly. 

Today, the gift card I removed from the box of LOVE is “CALL SOMEONE”. Not just anyone, not family members that we see everyday and hear from everyday. We are also not calling friends who we chat with every other day. We are also not texting or emailing or asking someone about someone, we are calling that someone. That person that you haven’t heard from in say 6 months, 1 year? Yes that very one.

I am just as guilty as anyone in this area. I find out that it’s when I need something I call someone I haven’t heard from in a long while and honestly I always feel awkward trying to make my request. Funny enough, the person kind of knows we need something so that they go ahead and ask, “what do you want because I am sure you need something that’s why you remembered me today?”

  Pick up your phone, scroll through all your contacts and dial that number. It’s not time to catch up on old times, it’s for you to know how he/she is faring. That phone call is all about that person. If the person you have in mind isn’t picking up, dial another. I am sure we have a lot of such contacts on our phones.

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Disclaimer: This article is not to praise anyone neither is it aimed at hurting anyone. Everything written here was by an imperfect human who believes in a perfect God. You can learn from what I share on this blog but let God direct you and give you true wisdom.
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