My husband is so used to me calling out for help especially with things that my hands can’t get to. So now, instead of calling, he’ll just ask if there’s anything I need him to help me with. 

Help is something that can be difficult for people to ask for, not because of pride or anything but because they might not take “turning them down” very well. Look around you, there is someone who needs help. It might be an old person who needs to cross the road, it might be a pregnant woman who needs to sit in transit. It might even be your wife trying to zip up her dress or your child trying to tie the laces on his shoe.

The gift card opened today from our box of LOVE is “Help Someone”. So today as you go about your day, lend a helping hand.

©BLArticles 2015
Disclaimer: This article is not to praise anyone neither is it aimed at hurting anyone. Everything written here was by an imperfect human who believes in a perfect God. You can learn from what I share on this blog but let God direct you and give you true wisdom.

Published by Phebe

Hello, I'm Phebe! (Pronounced "fee bee") My friends call me Phebs or Phebet! I wear many hats (Wife, Mom, Architect, Designer, Business owner and so on) and I try to blend them beautifully by God’s Grace.

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