If I was to take my time to do a survey on the issue of decision, I am sure I would have a lot of people tell of how they wish they didn’t make that decision. In every home where the father is existent, God who made him the head also made him the one to have the last say in matters regarding his family. Oh how many homes have fallen prey to wrong and rash decisions.

There was a family of four in a country which was experiencing famine at that time. The father decided to take his whole crew to another land that had all they needed. On getting there and settling down, the man didn’t live long enough to enjoy all there was which made him leave his home country for. After a while his sons followed. The wife and mother was left all alone with her daughter-inlaws.

As I read Ruth chapter one verses one through to five, I wondered if Naomi had prayed for her husband, perhaps they wouldn’t have left Bethlehem-Judah in the first place but trusted in God to see them through the famine or if at all they left, her husband and sons would have still been alive. Every woman, young and old, should learn and make it a lifestyle of saying a word of prayer over her MAN. Don’t say I am not married, it is not too early to start praying. If his decisions are wrong, you will suffer from it. If they are right, God-led and God-inspired, you will enjoy the blessings of it.

It is not shouting and finger pointing that would do the magic here. Don’t say because he makes wrong decision, you become the one who makes decisions for the family. It is not your place to do that and sorry to say, you are heading for grave disaster if you are continue. Like someone said, “Men are the head of the family and Women the heart”. Do you know that right decisions are deeply thought through? So if you are the heart, know that your position is so important. Just as a well heart pumps blood to all parts of the body, a praying woman is synonymous to a well heart.

Always say a prayer over your MAN.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I bring my Man (mention his name) before you. Lead him in every decision he makes that concerns him and the family. Let his decisions be in line with your plan and purpose for him and this family as a whole. Father, he would not be in a hurry to decide and he would not make any wrong decision. Forgive and have mercy Lord where in the past, we have made wrong and rash decisions. Father right them today and save us from the consequences of them. Forever lead us Lord and don’t let challenges cause him to ever doubt you or your promises. Let them make him trust you even more. This I pray in Jesus Name. Amen.

Ruth Series – Part 1


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