THAT DECISION (The Foreign Woman)

Wondering how someone with whom you both began a particular journey, at the same time ends up being miles ahead of you? There were two women who were both married into the same family to two brothers. There came a time when they had to decide to stay back in their own homeland or to go with their mama-in-law to her homeland. One decided to return and the other went with mama. When this beautiful lady arrived at mama’s homeland, word quickly spread that there was a foreigner in town.

Reading chapter two of the book of Ruth, Naomi no longer had a field to harvest from since it was sold prior to her leaving for Moab. Ruth, seeing and knowing that there was nothing to eat rose up, told mama she was going out to see if some kind person(s) would allow her glean so they atleast get food to eat for that day and Naomi told her to go praying she meets a kind fellow. She found herself in a relative’s field and she gleaned there.

Reading through, I can only imagine how many fields Ruth must have gone to and be sent away or if she just happened to find herself in Boaz’ field. Let’s assume she had been to several fields and was sent away from each of them but never gave up till she arrived at Boaz field. I see a determined woman right there who was not going to take “Rejection” as her middle name. She wasn’t ready to go home to an old woman and tell her she couldn’t get food. Even if all she got could just be for mama Naomi, she was ready to get it and to get it the right way. Ruth could have as well gone about begging for food but No! She decided to work with her hands despite she was a foreigner in another man’s land. A land she chose to come to and call home. This act of hers plus the good report about her earned her a lifetime of eating from that field.

The story of this woman addresses different situations we can find ourselves in in Life and the way we see and handle it is a decision we have to make. Take time to ask yourself these soul-searching questions.

  • Am I comfortable with where I am faith-wise, job-wise, career-wise, marriage-wise, character-wise and so on?
  • Am I ready to make that right decision even if it will cost me some relationships?
  • Am I comfortable with sitting on my behind and waiting to always be helped by family and friends?
  • Do I choose rejection and go for the short cuts to achievements?
  • Do I always take every NO for an answer, shivering and crying all over the place when I am turned down?
  • Do I mind taking the long journey to permanent success and victory or the short cuts which always leads to temporary success and victory?

Ruth’s decision to leave her homeland and become a foreigner in another land earned her Gods Favour. She didn’t say, “Oh I am a foreigner”, instead she was industrious and was divinely positioned in Boaz’ field and never lacked any good thing.

When the jobs are not forth coming, get up and do something. Don’t be a burden on people because you haven’t gotten what you desire and are too lazy to take a step towards success. The little things add up to become big. Wherever you find yourself away from home, don’t say I don’t know anyone here and sit on your behind waiting for success to come knocking at your door, go out and who knows where you will find yourself. There are so many Boaz’ field out there. You cannot find them sitting at home of sleeping in bed.

That DECISION is all it takes!

PRAYER: Dear God, I am so sorry for my past laziness. I am so sorry for taking every No as an answer. I am sorry for letting rejection put me in a position of laziness. I have come to the understanding that he that is faithful in little, much is given to him. I choose today to begin this journey to success irrespective of how long it may be. I choose to wake up and go out and be successful. I choose to stand up, go out and provide for my household. Set within me a determination to be at my best and succeed. I ask that this day you position me in Boaz’ field that you have prepared for me. I decree that I remain attached to the source of divine Favour. Plant helpers on my way in every area I shall find myself on this journey to permanent success and victory. When the temptation to cheat and take the easy way out comes my way, give me grace and strength to overcome. I choose your help above all else because you are faithful. Help me put my total trust in you. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

Ruth Series – Part 2


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