Before I do

Been in a relationship for me has always been about giving my all. It was all about giving my love, trust and everything except “me”. Some couldn’t imagine being in the relationship without getting me and that was mostly a cue to move on. There were lots of advices and talks but principles they say guides one into proper and right decisions. I chose to listen and the decision to obey hook, line and sinker was mine.

How come you have never done all the preambles? How are you sure he is keeping him? There were a lot of talks but I decided they weren’t going to shake my love and trust. They never knew the foundation I was built on, they never knew the foundation the relationship was built on. We were filling our site with the gravels of the scriptures and the sands of communication and also, the water of prayer never ceased to be poured to compact the entire site of our relationship. I knew that the moment I start to doubt my man, or start to build on what they were saying, I was heading for troubled waters. He wasn’t the perfect man, I wasn’t the perfect woman either but we had plans and we had goals. We knew where we needed to work on individually and together. When we called, we never stopped to express our love for one another. We caught up on things and we never failed to ask how the other was doing and feeling. I respected him, I appreciated him for being himself.

Naturally as a woman, we are quick to see faults and predict a situation. God has made our eyes so sharp and our senses so alert. We were created beautifully and wonderfully.

Before I walked down that aisle towards my man, I had so many principles written down on the table of my heart. These were deduced from lessons from my awesome parents, experiences of other people, observations and yes you guessed right the scriptures. I walked down that aisle with God to make a vow to Him, my man and all witnesses that I was going to be the wife He designed me to be. I walked down that aisle with all boldness to reassure him before God and all men present that I will be the co-traveller and partner in the cabin of the ship of marriage which is being driven by God.

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Knowing that neither of us is perfect, being humans and not Angels, I was determined to work on my part and give in my 100%, nothing less. I remembered when a question was asked about opening the door for my man after he comes home from work or going as far as helping him carry his bag. My response caused me to be ridiculed and laughed at but my decision was my decision. Another was if I could go down to help open the gate when we returned from an outing. I said “oh yes, except I am the one driving” and it sounded strange to those asking the questions. I decided I was going to enjoy my marriage and do to my husband what I would have him do to me.Before I said I do, I made a conscious decision and a positive one to choose the right no matter how archaic it may seem to people of my generation. I love my man too much that all I want is to be the best wife he could have asked God for.

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