The poison called Envy

Rere and Lily were acquaintances who thought that the relationship that existed between them could one day grow to friendship. Lily got married to a man she loves, so did Rere some years later. Being Wives, onlookers expected that these two would be in sync since they were having similar experiences. Unfortunately the reverse was the case. Rere who was so happy for her friend when she settled down was now the victim in this game. Lily wanted all good things to be just for her and was always unhappy when good things were happening in Rere’s life.

These caused a big strain in the growing relationship that existed between the two. Soon it became obvious to the onlookers that Lily was envious, self centered and one that wanted no good thing to happen to anyone else. She thrived on people asking her for help so she could throw it in their faces that she is better than them. She was always bitter when Rere rendered help to others humbly without blowing the horns. This caused Rere to keep away from Lily and hence they remained acquaintances and Rere was careful to keep her family and other businesses to herself.

Just like the story, it’s been observed that women are always victims of this deadly poison. The thing about envy is that a little goes a very long way and if not treated immediately, it can slowly kill its victim. I’m not saying we don’t have envy among Men, off course we do but its greatly among women. Most women do not like to see or hear that someone they know is as good as them or even better than them.

There is a phrase I love so much and have made it a part of me. It reads, “when I am genuinely happy for people around me when good things happen to them, I indirectly send a prayer to heaven to give me more reasons to be happy in Life. If the reverse is the case, the reverse prayer is sent as well”. I hear people say it is a natural thing to be envious, but why term and settle to things that are obviously wrong and call them natural. Just as scriptures states “all have sinned and come short of God’s glory”. We should always know that a man is born to naturally do wrong because its always convenient and its man’s default nature. But doing what’s right in the midst of it all is called “an upgrade”.

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Envy leaves you at your default settings, but Contentment and happiness for others takes you higher. More like upgrades you. With God and a conscious confession and willingness to be happy for people, be ready to purge every last drop of envy and be content and happy when others make it. By doing these, you unknowingly send a prayer to heaven for yourself.

“Godliness with Contentment is great gain”


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