My Banga (Palm nut) Soup…

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, the grandparents just left for their home and it was back to me and my beautiful family. Feeling all lazy and tired as we had had a busy week, we all returned almost immediately back to sleepland. Finally we awoke to the banging pains of hunger that never fails to torment its victims. Thank God for leftovers (they are a life saver), we had something to satisfy the craving of the hunger that awoke us.

Going about the activity for the day, little did i know that time had gone so fast and the market i planned to go earlier on was now a dream. I didn’t have the red soup and needed it so much. In an African home, the red soup can be used for almost everything. I looked into my freezer but yet was so lazy to start going through the hassle of blending portions of ingredients for this soup.

As i continued calculating what i was going to do and time kept running i looked up and saw a palm nut paste i had bought sometime ago and have been too scared to try preparing smiling back at me from the shelf. Okay!!! come down here you paste, though i have never made this kind of soup before, i was ready to give it a try, thanks to the laziness part of me that decided to show up on this day. I took it off the shelf, put my meat in the pot and poured in some seasoning and off we went on the journey of Banga (Palm nut) soup preparation.

I followed the instructions on the tin with a little addition here and there and BAM!!! after some minutes, i began to smile as the aroma of this soup filled my kitchen. I felt proud of myself, i thanked the laziness in me for showing up today and pushing me to prepare something i had never done before. When it was time to dine, my lovely family didn’t believe that i had never prepared it before and that this was truly my first time.


Just like the story above, the one thing that triggers happiness buttons and make us better as wives is going out of one’s comfort zone to bring in good and creative variety in the home. Don’t limit yourself to only what you know, be open to learn new things. New ways of cleaning the home, new ways of preparing meals and other great new ways of doing things around the house. I for one, when i see a new way of preparing a dish or doing something around the home, i always want to try it out even if i already have a way of doing it before. But fear many a times keeps me from trying. But these days, i have been encouraging myself to knock Fear in the head and go ahead and try. Who knows the new method may turn out faster or even better than that we are used to.

Back to my Banga (Palm nut) soup matter, I remember how afraid i was to try it at first but i conquered my fear by doing it. I was afraid it might not come out well, i was afraid it might taste bad but in the end, I was so proud of me, my family was proud of me and yes we had a pot of Red soup that would serve the family for a few days.

Wanna taste, bring in your e-plates and have a share of the e-soup… Hehehehe…

Love you big. God bless you!

You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.”  ~  Barbara Sher

“I learned from my dad that change and experimentation are constants and important. You have to keep trying new things.”  ~  S. Robson Walton

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”  ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Hello, I'm Phebe! (Pronounced "fee bee") My friends call me Phebs or Phebet! I wear many hats (Wife, Mom, Architect, Designer, Business owner and so on) and I try to blend them beautifully by God’s Grace.

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