Want more Milk?

Huhhh!!!??? Yes you read it right.

Before now, I always admired mothers who could go the extra mile to breastfeed their babies exclusively. I told myself I was going to be one of those mothers but along the line I started to doubt my desire to breastfeed my babies exclusively and made up my mind not to. You may ask me why and my dear reader, this article won’t be sufficient to tell you as I have a lot to tell you why.

What I heard and read about breastfeeding suddenly turned me off my one time dream. “Its painful” some said, “your breast could get sore and be infected in the process” another wrote and I read. So many other things (the internet if full of them) that it became so easy for me to make up my mind without thinking twice.

Weeks before my little one arrived, a few number of people who loved me so much started encouraging me to breastfeed, listing all the great benefits of it. I started to doubt my decision not to breastfeed again. Instead of going round and round in circles about what i want to do or not do, I discussed with my boyfriend (my husband – but i prefer to address him so) and we prayed about it telling God to make the best happen naturally. When the day came and my little one arrived this world, the moment my baby was brought to the breast, – (the lactation consultant guiding Bambie to my breast and guiding my hand to hold in the best position) – Bambie latched on perfectly and began sucking wowing both the consultant and the nurses who were present in the room. Immediately, I knew that we were in this for the long haul.

You may ask, didn’t it hurt? oh yes it did. I was sore but I was prepared too. I had my lanolin cream with me which I was going to apply. After each feed, I soothed with the lanolin cream and when it was time for the next feed, it’ll hurt again but as we kept at it and I kept applying the cream, everything got better and we became very well adjusted in no time and that’s how the journey to exclusive breastfeeding began.

Before I continue, let me state that this article is in no way written to spite those who didn’t breastfeed exclusively or did it for a short while. It is to encourage new mums, new working mums who want to breastfeed. It is aimed at giving them tips from a personal point of view on how to cope and to also debunk some fearful ideas attributed towards breastfeeding. I know many who genuinely want to but can’t for one reason or the other including medical reasons. Some the baby wont just latch on and all other reasons. If you want to, why not? If you can, why not?

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Aside the bonding that exist in breastfeeding, I have used it as a medium of spending time to pray, declare and prophesy into the life of my little one. And I do this even when Bambie is taking the breast-milk from the bottle. If you aren’t breastfeeding, when you are feeding with either the later or formula, I encourage you to use that time to pray for your little one. Don’t just raise your leg and watch TV or read a book. Don’t always give the nanny or babysitter or grandma. Sometimes do it yourself for this sole reason. Tell me, what is better than praying for your child? Well for me NOTHING!!! And nothing compares to it either.

Stay tuned as I will be sharing personal tips of what I did and How I did what to have my baby go exclusively on breast-milk without water. I will also be sharing recipes I used and is using to encourage the flow to meet up with the demand of the growing baby even though I work and I am stressed most times.

If you have any contribution or question, do well to leave your comments below and I will respond to it. Until you read from me again on this topic, remain in the love of God.
God bless you and Mrs O loves you big!


DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is written based on personal experience, do well to always check with your doctor and communicate all your concerns to him/her. I am not a Doctor and has no medical background.

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