Yes, the TRUTH matters!!!

I am sure everyone has had this kind of episodes in his or her growing up phases of life.

For me, while growing up, my dad was more or less a “lie-detector” machine. He could tell when anyone of us was lying. He made us understand that most times that we got punished was because we lied. He said if we had said the truth we probably wouldn’t have been punished. Hehehehe “probably” it is. But you should trust every child’s fear when he/she has done something wrong and knows his/her parents are disciplinarians. Lying was sort of the only option and the funniest thing about it, someone did it. So who is lying? Our dad made us understand that when one says something that isn’t true, he has to say another untrue thing to cover it up. “Oh yes, we know.” Well, I am so glad you know.

8650e4c388fc3e13a598e57d698044a0This article is not to come remind you and I of either our lying past or point out lies that were once told. Its just to encourage you and I to keep going for the truth because it only attracts the right people, the right things and the right atmosphere. Once of the very many clear examples that always come to mind is when i was an intern several years back. I was asked by the person who was interviewing me if i could use a particular design software. When i said “I couldn’t”, oh the stare i got from one of the interviewers. Well i didn’t come under when i was asked the second time for what i think was to be sure they heard me right. Apparently everyone who was going to be there at the time had the technical know how of that tool except me.

At the end of the day, what i heard was, “Are you starting immediately?”

I responded, “No. I will be coming mid year to start.”

“So why did you come so early?” I was asked again.

I replied, “I wanted to secure a place before i return back to school, so i’ll prepare myself.”

“Okay then, congratulations. You can begin when you said you will. One more thing, try and learn the basic of the design software.” I was told.

“I will. Thank you very much.” I replied with a huge smile on my face.

When i stepped out to meet my dad who was waiting for me, he knew from my smile that i was accepted. Next thing he asked me if they asked about my knowledge of the design tool. I said to him that i told them the truth and they advised me to learn. He smiled back and said, “The Truth will always get you what’s right. If you don’t get it for saying the truth, then its not the best for you.” This statement right here is it. It is IT.

A beautiful life comes easy when we do the right things the right way. Telling Lies is not right. It doesn’t have to be verbal. These days there are so many ways of diluting the truth or even dodging it entirely. Like i said, i am not here to start laying out forms of untrue behaviours. We know them, so lets search within us and please owe it to ourselves to tell ourselves the TRUTH always. The most tragic thing that can happen to any man is NOT TELLING HIMSELF THE TRUTH.

  • Truth opens door.
  • Truth brings favour.
  • Truth sows a seed of trust and love.
  • Truth paves way for people you know.
  • Truth saves, heals and comforts.
  • Truth waters friendship and causes it to thrive and blossom
  • Truth speaks words you don’t even know exist.

Stand for the Truth, Defend your Truth and Live by your Truth. In the end whatever you tell us may be your own truth but if its the true truth, it will withstand all storms and be marked: “Tried, Tested and TRUSTED”

“These are the things you should do: Speak the truth to each other;” ~ Zachariah 8:16a (CEB)

Let me let you know this: You would lose friends when you start telling the truth, speaking truth and standing for the truth. But you know what, the right ones would stay and they will come when you start living the TRUTH.

“My words are true, and I will not say anything that is wrong.” ~ Proverbs 8:7 (ERV)

“When you tell the truth, justice is done, but lies lead to injustice.” ~ Proverbs 12:17 (GNT)

Have a beautiful weekend, living the beautiful Life.

God bless you and Mrs O loves you big.


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