Forgiveness Series: Enjoying the benefits of God’s forgiveness 

This is the last article in the forgiveness series. Kindly catch-up on parts one here and two here.

If I take a survey of those who have been forgiven by God, I am almost sure we won’t find anyone who hasn’t. That is a beautiful thing. But then if I take a survey of those living in the FULL BENEFITS, I am sure I’ll just find a handful. We have seen how important it is to forgive ourselves and forgive others. We have discussed the peace both bring to a person. And we have also discovered that forgiveness in a continuous thing.

Sometimes I wonder why the Bible talked about us forgiving first before we can get God’s forgiveness. I see it as God putting us through what he is about to go through. And the beautiful thing about this whole forgiveness experience is that when we want to count the sin of others per individual, it can’t be compared to what we alone have done to God and then we expect him to forgive us. Wow… “you asking me to do this, do what you are asking me to do for you for someone else.” 

So now let’s put our imagination to work here. Just imagine if after the first time someone asked for your forgiveness, the person says “Now I can keep offending you because the forgiveness you gave me covers it all”. How would you feel? Now, let’s put God in the picture. That we asked God for forgiveness does not give us the liberty to continue to live in our wrongdoings.

The full benefits of God’s forgiveness are endless. It gives you right to access his store with all purchases paid for. I remember doors that began to open up to me after my brokenness episode. Doors of wisdom, doors of Favour and you name it. Mind you that God has forgiven and now you can ask for anything does not mean that you will always get what you want. The motive is still going to be weighed.

A few of the people I have learnt from includes King David (a man after God’s heart), Hezekiah (15 more years) and Apostle Paul- I can’t begin to talk about this man. Please read about him. When you talk of someone who enjoyed God’s forgiveness that’s one man to discuss with.

I want you to know that it takes a lot of sacrifice on our part to continue to enjoy these benefits.

  • Sacrifice your right to shout but rather forgive.
  • Sacrifice the urge to go tell another what another did.
  • Sacrifice some time to pray for your offender.

One thing I am grateful to God is for his forgiveness which has helped me to continually forgive another and myself as at one point or the order, I err and someone err.

I invite you to enjoy the Beautiful Life filled with endless blessings which comes as a result of God’s unconditional forgiveness.

Until you read from me again. Have a forgiving month and live beautifully.

God bless you.


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