Go with SPEED!!!

moving-vehicles-3-1548421-639x424As much as speed has been termed bad, there are a lot of scenarios where speed is good and not just good, beautiful. It gives peace and happiness too. On a lighter note, it gives gold too. Just ask Usain Bolt. Now before you say, “what do you mean?” Read on.

There is this particular route I ply from my office to my home. Along this route there is a bridge I have to ascend and descend from. Gradually the first expansion joint began to expand (after all that’s why it’s there) but no one seemed to care about it. It expanded to a level where it looks like you have to enter a 100-millimetres wide longitudinal pot hole (forgive my professional terms).

One day while driving through, hurrying home, I forgot that there was this place where I have to slow down and uncomfortably meander. After I had descended, it clicked that I had passed there. I told myself it had been fixed that’s why I didn’t notice it. Next day came and while some people were ahead of me, I was wondering why the slow movement. One, two, three, it was my turn and oh my. It was still there and it was so annoying and so uncomfortable.

The day after, while I was at the foot about to ascend I slowed down, waiting for all the cars to leave that spot and I accelerated, giving the engine some work to move at its fastest possible pace and I sped over it and barely felt a thing. Ah ha, (dancing the victory dance) I have found a solution. “Go with speed and you won’t feel it.” Back when I was pumped and could barely drive myself to work anymore, my boyfriend (if you are new here, I’m talking about my husband) usually come to pick me up at close of business. Immediately we are approaching the foot of this bridge, I will start shouting, “Baby go with speed. Baby go with speed”. This way I didn’t have to feel uncomfortable with my little bun in the oven.

Now yesterday, I passed as usual and while some new drivers didn’t know the solution to this expanding joints, I coming from behind them sped off over that joint leaving them dancing over it. Right then it hit me, how many times do we spend time meandering through a problem, through a hurt, through a situation when we should move on as fast as possible. Instead we stay there, digesting it, analysing it and going about it on and on and on which only make it’s so uncomfortable and painful and annoying and frustrating. But moving speedily right past it, puts us ahead, gives us peace and less or no annoyance whatsoever.

While you wont wait, to analyse the teeth or biting capacity of a Lion when it comes after you. So also should be your attitude towards sin and its look alike, hurt and other situations. Ask for God’s help and move past them speedily – Phebe Olaniran

What is that that you are meandering through, dissecting and analysing back and forth. It would only cause you discomfort. I encourage you to just move past it and be happy. Bringing it home, why spend time trying to analyse sin and it’s look a likes. Why trying to justify your reason to want to check if it will drown you or not. We must decide to “flee every appearances of evil” (1 Thessalonians 5:22). Stop checking it out. Don’t say, “I just want to check it out to see if it’s actually evil or not, maybe they just look alike“. Eh eh… hmmm.

  • If it’s hurting you too bad while you put your mind to work, thinking about it. Trust God and through his help move past it speedily.
  • If it’s causing a strain in that relationship because you want to keep checking if it will end up like the initial one. Move past it speedily before it drowns your relationship.
  • If it’s going to cost you your integrity and salvation, why stay checking it out. Move past it speedily.
  • If it’s going to cost you your joy and happiness, why keep at it? If it isn’t God’s will, move past it speedily.

Just like Joseph, imagine if he was still trying to hold onto his clothes. Would we have been hearing about him so much? Maybe what we would have heard was, “Don’t be like Joseph, don’t hold on to it.” But bringing us back to real time, Joseph fled, he didn’t spend time at all analysing or thinking, he moved away from his masters wife speedily and became a great man we would always tell our children about.

What is it that you need to move past speedily?

Have a terrific Tuesday and God bless you.


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Hello, I'm Phebe! (Pronounced "fee bee") My friends call me Phebs or Phebet! I wear many hats (Wife, Mom, Architect, Designer, Business owner and so on) and I try to blend them beautifully by God’s Grace.

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