Am I Shadow of Myself?

While Bambie’s Papa and I were returning home from a busy workday, discussing all the efforts my baby Sister has been putting in to babysit Bambie, I told him I wanted to give everyone a treat to some delicious Frozen Yoghurt and he was excited and obliged. There is this place in the estate where we live which we patronized so much we could be shareholders. We pulled into the one of the parking slots and noticed few cars and were taken aback as this is one place where sometimes we have to queue to park in the past. 

We walked in and were immediately put off by the fact that we could not get anything in addition to the offensive smell that welcomed us. We went on to ask and we were told the machines weren’t working and Papa said, lets go get some ice cream instead. 

Why this story? As we drove home, Papa said he couldn’t believe that place was now a shadow of itself and it clicked within me how so many of us have become a shadow of ourselves now.

You who always went out of your way to try new things while single but now that you are married, you are complacent. Hmmmm. The part I want to address the most is the attitude of so many Christian wives like me. Simply because we know Mr Hubby would not look outside and will be faithful to us because He is a Christ follower does not give us any reason to be a shadow of ourselves.

I remember the day someone made this statement to me, “ah ah, don’t you know you are now married, you should be wearing clothes that make you look like a married woman”. Usually I don’t respond to such statements or try to even make them understand. All I say is thank you and I leave. This was a young wife like me who also just got married. It’s a pity her idea of being married was that. As much as this is a common scenario, it’s not limited to dressing alone.

  • You who was so prayerful that you won’t take a step without asking God’s leading while single. Why relax now that you are married?
  • You who was so neat and organized, what happened? 
  • You who will take time to prepare yourself in advance for events, now you go so late. (I am sometimes guilty here)
  • The list is endless. So go ahead and find where you have failed.

The amazing thing is that, if we should go ask these Mr Hubbys, they are not happy we are now a shadow of ourselves. Beyond prayers, there is something they saw that attracted them. But now they are having to stay contented with what we have now become. 

As we enter the month of December that has been tagged on BLArticles as our “Month of Love”, brace yourselves up because we are coming back in full force. I am so excited about the month of December because God has chosen to start with US. 

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God bless you and Mrs O loves you big.


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Hello, I'm Phebe! (Pronounced "fee bee") My friends call me Phebs or Phebet! I wear many hats (Wife, Mom, Architect, Designer, Business owner and so on) and I try to blend them beautifully by God’s Grace.

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