Day 1: Praying for Me.

Welcome to the very first edition of this challenge. I wish you can see how excited I am as I type this. I was thinking I would do a live video on the Facebook page but I decided to post here instead.

Before we jump into praying, please be admonished that this challenge is to be done selflessly. To be able to pray for our husbands selflessly, We have to pray for ourselves first. Praying from a place of rest and peace plus doing it aright brings about unshakable results. During this period let there be a guard over our tongues and let us be careful with our words.

Having established this brief background we go on to pray.

Prayer Points

  • Father I thank you for Jesus who as a result of your love for me died on the cross that I will be reconciled with you. (John 3:16) I come boldly to your throne today and for the rest 11 days where there is grace, where I receive your mercy and your kindness to help me because I have Jesus as my high priest. (Hebrews 4:16)
  • Scriptures say that I am a good thing the moment I was found by my husband, father wherever it is that I haven’t manifested this good in me, I ask that by reason of this challenge, there will be a manifestation in Jesus name.
  • Father it is almost unavoidable that my husband will always get on my nerves once in a while. By reason of my offering of prayers to you, I forgive every offenses (name them) in Jesus name (Matthew 5:24).
  • Father as much as I want my husband to be the best you have designed him to be, I pray today that you will work on me, breaks my stubborn will, selfish pride and remove every thing in me that will cause me to cause trouble in my home.
  • Father help me to understand my place of submission and not mistake it for something else. (Ephesians 5:22) As I was created a helpmeet for him, I decree that as I raise my voice to you, he will be met with your divine help in Jesus name.
  • Father as I pray for my husband, help me to do this from my heart knowing that you are the ALL knowing God and can read my motive towards my prayer. Help me to pray for him from the depth of my heart with sincere love.
  • Let’s pray for those who are hurting in their marriages but are participating in this challenge that God will give them his peace and love so that they will be able to pray for their husbands.
  • Let’s pray that all prayers raised up to heaven for our husbands will meet with speedy responses in Jesus name.
  • As I use this mouth of mine to pray for my husband, father I will not say or confess anything that will counter my declaration this period in Jesus name. Put your patience within me.
  • Finally, let’s tell the Lord that we come to him with our heavy burdens to exchange them for light one and rest. (Matthew 28:11) if you just got married last month secure your marriage in the Lords hand by handing him every potential heavy load.
  • You know yourself better, pray for yourself addressing those stubborn areas that you and God knows about.

Bible verse: I Corinthians 13:5 (ERV) – “Love is not rude, it is not selfish, and it cannot be made angry easily. Love does not remember wrongs done against it.”

Confession : I will not be rude, I will not be selfish. I will not be made angry because I choose to forgive and forget wrongdoings. I love you hubby (mention your husband’s name) and this is my confession before God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

God bless you.

See you tomorrow.


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