Day 6 – His spending 

Yesterday God led us to pray for our husband’s work. Today we will be praying for his spending.

It can be so frustrating if you have a husband that is a wasteful spender. This man will buy on impulse, buy something that will not add value to him, borrow and buy things and then the whole family begin to suffer because there is a lot of debt to pay. The hurtful case is when you both operate one purse.

What we will be praying about today has destroyed homes by building distrust between the couple and some has led to broken homes in the end. Just like decision making, spending wrongly has great consequences spiritually and physically.

Lack of contentment can be a reason, competition, and pride. And these right here has landed many homes in the trash bags of life. Another reason is a quest to get more, some end up joining organizations where they ask them to bring what have to get more.

Prayer Points:

  • Father I thank you because you are (husband’s name) maker and you alone can change him. I bless you because as I call unto you in this area of his life, you will hear me and answer in Jesus name.
  • List all the areas in which your husband has spent carelessly and tell the Lord how you feel.
  • Tell the Lord exactly how much comes in (if you know it) and for those who don’t, ask that the Lord touch the heart of your husband to tell you how much he earns. If you haven’t told him yours, take that step of doing so. Then tell the Lord how it should be spent and how it is currently spent.
  • If your husband is the one that gives to everyone especially extended family and friends and neglect you and his nuclear family, pray from your heart about this.
  • If your husband is so stingy that it’s affecting you and the family. Mention this to the Lord from a place of great concern and Love.
  • Father whatever spirit that goes around causing Men to abandon their families and spend on outsiders, I decree in the name of Jesus that such spirit will not find you (husband’s name).
  • I decree today that the accountable God of heaven will cause you (husband’s name) to be accountable to him and to me and our family in Jesus name.
  • It’s so bad when our husbands spends and forget to do the spending that saves – paying tithe. Today Lord where it is in time past that due to our careless spending, we have not given to you and allowed devourers into our camp, we ask for you mercy that you forgive us and deliver us from their hold in Jesus name.
  • Father your word says, it’s whatever we sow, we reap. Father as (husband’s name) sow towards kingdom purposes, making future investment, let there be a divine reaping in the name of Jesus.
  • By virtue of my husband sowing, our future is secured because we shall lack no good thing in Jesus name.
  • Giving to man can be good and can be bad as well. Giving aright, as led, as inspired has great benefits. People has misconstrued the Bible verse of Luke 6:38. Preceding that verse Jesus spoke about not judging people and forgiving people then he said give. Sometimes you give and are angry about it. You will be giving amiss this way. Father where it is we have given wrongfully, we ask for mercy. Today I pray for (husband’s name) that he will give aright when the opportunity arises. He won’t give and judge, he won’t give and condemn, he won’t give and be angry but every giving will be done out of Love and you who sees in secret will reward openly in Jesus name.
  • Father (husband’s name) will be wise in spending. When he is about to make a mistake, by reason of this prayer I am making today, the spirit of God will guide him and deliver him in Jesus name.
  • Father, any property or business deal that will put us in a place of poverty, let them not know my husband’s name in the name of Jesus.
  • Every wasteful friend that will come to him to influence him, I dissociate him from such in Jesus name.
  • Every evil hand that will want to receive from us I ask that they do not find their way to my husband and if they do, when they stretch forth their hands to receive they use that which they have received for good against their will and intention in Jesus name.
  • You provided the work for (husband’s name), you will teach him how to spend. For the fact that He is working at that place (mention his workplace), they will not run out of business but grow and grow and (husband’s name) will increase and increase on every side in Jesus name.
  • Father when we spend to buy food and all basic home care needs, we will buy from the right people in the name of Jesus. 
  • Lord teach my husband to save.
  • Lord teach my husband to invest.
  • Lord teach my husband to trust your guidance in this regard in Jesus name.
  • Pray as led.

Bible verse: Matthew 7:6 (ERV) ““Don’t give something that is holy to dogs. They will only turn and hurt you. And don’t throw your pearls to pigs. They will only step on them.”

Confession: All that the Lord has given to us will be used to his glory. We will give and invest as guided by the Holy Spirit without reservation. We will increase and know no lack because we trust the Lord. Amen.

God bless you and see you tomorrow.


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