Day 9 – His Relationship and his home

This particular topic is tricky and I beg you to pray because when battles rage in a relationship or at home. The Lord’s intervention is the best solution. 

The Bible said a man should leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. You see, marriage was not designed for  the wife to be competing for the attention or love of her husband. The man must understand that the moment he became one with his wife, every other person became extended. The man becomes the head of the woman and not the parents or friends become the head of the woman.

At creation, he made them one man, one woman. Not one man two women or one man, two women and one sister and one brother and one friend. The husband needs to know that now his primary attention goes to his wife. She becomes his priority. Off course God is above all. Not forgetting the female colleague at work who smiles to him everyday to get his attention.

While we talk about our husband, let’s bring it home to us. Some of us as wives, how have been our relationship with others? Do you come home talking about a man in a way you cannot speak of your husband? Or you still have a best friend and he is a man and your husband knows it? This little things as it may seem can go on to hurt a marriage.

Marriage is not just for procreation and sex. It’s for fellowship, companionship, friendship and all the beautiful things. Your husband should be your priority. Don’t put him in a position where he competes for your attention. The prayer points here would be few as you will pray for yourself and your husband telling God exactly how you want your home and your relationship with your husband to be.

Prayer Points:

  • Father I bless you for the perfect gift of a husband that you have given to me. I bless you because when you created (husband’s name), you were thinking of me. Thank you for bringing us together as husband and wife. Thank you for our home. Thank you for your goodness to us over the years (older wives). Thank you for your goodness that will see us through the years to come (new wives).
  • Heavenly Father, where it is that I have been tearing down my own home due to my relationships with others which puts my husband in a competitive position, I ask your mercy today. Forgive me and guide me to make things right from today in Jesus name.
  • I pray for myself today that you give me insight into areas where I have taken on relationships I shouldn’t have and give me the wisdom to draw the line with others especially men who I have become so close to and are posing a danger to my marriage in Jesus name.
  • I pray for (husband’s name) that you will help him to truly leave and cleave to me his wife in Jesus name.
  • Give him wisdom to draw the line of every relationship. I will not become a spare part that he remembers when there is a need for change. He will see me as you have positioned me to be his wife, his friend, his confidant, his prayer partner, etc in Jesus name.
  • He will not put me in a position where I compete for his love, his attention, his care, his assistance etc in Jesus name.
  • Lord, your word says “what God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” Father I will not put my marriage asunder, (husband’s name) will not put our marriage asunder.
  • Today I receive grace and boldness from the throne of Grace for (husband’s name) that will help him see me as the woman he chose over others to be wife. Let the love that brought about that decision (mention number) years ago be reignited in him in Jesus name.
  • As he relates with other women, I pray against the spirit of lust that moves around. It will not have a hold on him but Lord you will give him self control in Jesus name.
  • Now talk to God about how your marriage is and where you want it to be. Talk to him about extended families and friends. Pray from the heart but remember a prayer with anger and hatred will not be answered by God. Pray from a place of love.

Bible verse: Genesis 2:24 (CEB) “This is the reason that a man leaves his father and mother and embraces his wife, and they become one flesh.”

‭‭Confession: (husband’s name) and I will not put asunder our marriage by bringing in third parties. (husband’s name) and I will not tear down our home by leaving external relationships undefined. (husband’s name) and I will respect each other and not put the other in a competitive place. This is my confession which I make before the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

God bless you.


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