Day 10 – His Attitude 

“Attitude is everything” is a phrase that a lot of us have heard and even used at some point or the other. Attitude has different meaning based on how it’s been used either as a noun, a verb or an adjective. But it all bores down to same thing. Now we can only say it’s either a good or bad one, wrong or right one. It is a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. How difficult and uncomfortable it is to live with a man that has an attitude.

There is this colleague of my husband who was just so angry at me. When I greet him, he wouldn’t respond. When my husband and I are in a place and he comes around to talk to my husband, he would treat me as though I ain’t there. It happened every time. My husband said I should always ensure I greet him whether he answers or not. We were just surprised at such an attitude. But then we could only pray for his wife.

You are happily coming home to share a great news and the persons who opens the door for you is so hard faced. You tell him anyway and he is not one bit excited for you. The list go on. Today we will be praying for God to give our husbands peace and calm. Don’t say your husband isn’t that way so the prayer isn’t for you. I’ll admonish you to pray for someone else in that case. Remember you cannot change a man you didn’t create. Only his maker can. Your prayer can influence him and make him ready for change.

Prayer Points:

  • Father I thank you for all the prayers I have made in these past days. I thank you for this great opportunity to pray for (husband’s name). You are his maker and I believe every thing that needs to be changed is possible with you in Jesus name.
  • Father today I ask for your peace and calmness to flow within and all over him today and always.
  • Let the aliveness that the love of God brings come into him and take away every deadness that despair and anger and resentment brings in Jesus name.
  • Whatever it is that has happened in the past that keeps reminding him causing him to doubt his decisions as regards me. I ask that your love through my love teaches him to trust and love in return. I pray oh Lord that you calm him within and give him the assurance through my love that all is well and will be well in Jesus name.
  • Help me Lord to understand and not get frustrated and act up. Help me to pray more than how much I think or talk about it in Jesus name.
  • As (husband’s name) moves around the house, he will be happy and joyful. Let me be a daily reminder of your love and goodness to him in Jesus name.
  • Father today I receive understanding for (husband’s name) because my actions will no longer be misunderstood. I receive calmness for you because there will be no more unnecessary outburst over little things I innocently do.
  • There are so many things about a man’s past that somehow begins to affect him in the present, when you act coincidentally with an action that occurred in the past it tends to send wrong signals. If he has told you about them, I need you to tell God about them and ask him to guide you aright.
  • If he hasn’t told you, ask the Lord to reveal it to you or cause your husband to tell you.
  • Now go ahead and mention those areas where you see that your husband needs to change. Tell God exactly as it is. You know where the shoe pinches you, so cry out your discomfort to God.

Bible Verses: Numbers 6:24-26 “‘May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord smile down on you and show you his kindness. May the Lord answer your prayers and give you peace.’”

Confession: I will have peace because you will have peace and calmness. I will enjoy my marriage because we will be open to share our frustrations and pray about them. 

Thank God so far for bringing us to day 10. We have 2 more days.

God bless you.


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