Day 12 – HIM

It is the last day of this challenge and we bless God for thus far He has brought us.

Today, you will pray for your husband and for you. There will be no prayer points. My heart desire is for every marriage to blossom. How beautiful it is going on a journey with someone you love so dear. I’ll admonish every wife here who has made this prayers to ensure that she plays her part while expecting results and answers from God. Don’t give the devil a chance to use you.

As we go through December, challenge yourself to all the romantic stuff you can do to rekindle the flame. Go buy that lingerie and look sexy to Him. Go cook that meal that He loves so much. Go plan that one night out for both of you. No where did they say that a man has to do all the romantic things. It’s the month of giving, so give beautifully to the one God has made number one in your life.

This challenge will hold again next year but as Christ tarries, we have a lot of articles and beautiful Christian challenges outlined for next year through God’s leading.


  • My faithful friend and Father, I am indeed wowed at the blessings you always shower on us, thank you for the opportunity to come pray for our husbands. Thank you for the answers we have received and those we will receive. When you designed marriage it was for fellowship, companionship, romance, and all the good stuff. You didn’t want man to be alone so you created woman. Our presence as wives in the lives of our husbands brought about completeness, fulfillment and joy. We take our place Lord as wives and we ask that we will bring about the completeness and fulfillment and joy you attached to us to our husbands forever in Jesus name. We have declared, we have confessed and we cover our declarations and confessions with the blood of Jesus. From today, we won’t relax but come to you casting all of our cares on you because you care for us. Our marriages will blossom, our marriages will show the world that a home founded on God stands all storm. Our children will be taught of the Lord by the lives our husbands and us will live. When we fight, we would not go to bed unsettled because we won’t give the devil a chance. Our husbands would lead us into all right and true things as he will be guided by the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Father we will have all that we will need and more in Jesus name. Today we decree and we declare that it is well with us, our husbands, our marriage, our children and our home in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Bible Verse: Philippians 4:7 (CEB) “Then the peace of God that exceeds all understanding will keep your hearts and minds safe in Christ Jesus.”

‭‭Confession: I have a happy marriage and a happy home because I have a godly husband and we have a perfect God.

Thank you so much for participating. God bless you and much Love from Mrs O.


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