MRK Series: Transforming Leftovers (My Boyfriend’s Egusi Soup)

Hello Beautiful People.

Today we would be talking about transforming those leftovers in our fridges and freezers to healthy meals. Every Mama at one point or the other has a bunch of leftovers in the fridge or freezer. What do you do with them when you get tired of accommodating them? Do you send them packing or you remodel them? I for one hate leftovers but now that I am a mom, I have come to learn to appreciate them because many a times they are life savers especially when that hungry child or spouse comes snooping in the kitchen for something to throw in their mouths.

On Tuesday I posted a picture of a transformed leftover I made for Bambie and I. Its on my Instagram page, feel free to follow me there. Today I would be sharing how I made Egusi Soup from a leftover stew in my freezer.

Egusi Soup is not a regular in my home. But as much as my boyfriend is 100% in on this healthy meal journey, there are times, we have to bring in the typical “Yoruba” dishes and make sure they are healthy.

Egusi 1


  • 1 small red onions
  • 1½ cup Grounded Egusi
  • ½ cup frozen Ugu
  • 1 tablespoon Parsley
  • Leftover Snail and Gizzard stew
  • Oven baked Chicken Drumsticks (your desired number, I used 5pieces)
  • Smoked Cat Fish
  • Water


  1. Clean and soak smoked fish in water for 30 minutes. Once soft enough, shred to desired sizes.
  2. Chop onions to a fine consistency and add to grounded egusi. Add water and mix all together to have a paste-like consistency.
  3. Chop Ugu and Parsley and set aside for use later. Ensure you have baked your chicken and then set aside for use later too.
  4. In a pot, put in leftover stew without snails and gizzard and add 4 cups of water and smoked fish. Allow this to boil for 15 mins. Scoop in egusi paste, one teaspoon size at a time till all has been put into the boiling sauce. Cover and allow simmer for 15 mins on low-medium heat.
  5. Add snails, gizzard and drumsticks. Add salt to taste if needed and stir to mix all in. (If the egusi balls are too big, use your wooden spoon to break them down in the pot before adding the proteins.) Cover and allow protein to take in all the flavor of the soup over low heat for 10mins.
  6. Add Ugu and Parsley, stir and remove from heat.

Serve and enjoy alone or with a side of swallow of choice. We had ours with Poundo-Yam.

Egusi 2This will make a very good lunch or dinner. Enjoy.

  • No Palm oil was used in preparation and no seasoning cube of any sort was used. I don’t cook my meals with seasoning cubes. I used healthy spices, fresh and dried herbs and salt only.

You are what you eat. Eat Healthy, Live beautiful.

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3 thoughts on “MRK Series: Transforming Leftovers (My Boyfriend’s Egusi Soup)

    1. Palm oil when consumed moderately is very healthy. The problem is that so many people use it in excess for colour of the soup and that isn’t healthy. My stew had enough chili which also gives color and heat as well. So the bright color of the soup is from the leftover stew.


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