Date with Mrs. O’ (Edition 1)- The Recap (Part 2)

The Virtual Date with Mrs. O’ saw about 70 single women come together to discuss. Catch up on part one here.

On why you were created. Yes, God’s original design of women was to complete a man. Mind you, not a lonely man.

You see, God didn’t design to to satisfy one lonely man somewhere. Let’s take it back to the garden of Eden. God created everything that man would need to survive first. After doing this, he created Man and employed him. Adam’s job in the present day is “Horticulture”. He was an Horticulturist. He was busy and faithful at his job. Eden as we recall from the Bible was a beautiful garden.

The Bible says in Genesis “Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to live alone. I will make a suitable companion to help him.””‭‭ (Genesis‬ ‭2:18‬ ‭GNB) So here is it ladies, man was alone. It means he slept alone, ate alone, washed the dishes alone, swept the house alone, did the laundry alone. ALONE is the word and not lonely. So please Ladies, you weren’t designed to fill in the loneliness that that man feels. Loneliness is a thing of the mind. Anything can always fill in. Alcohol, reading, eating and what have you. But someone who is alone is alone.

God designed you to help. (which in plain words mean to render assistance) Ah ha. There it is. You are the assistant. So Ladies about to be married, if you aren’t assisting, don’t feel bad. Go back to your maker. Tell HIM. Father I was designed to be the assistant. Rewrite my story and I reclaim my rightful position. Ladies in waiting, tell the Lord, Father He who I am meant to assist, bring my way. Let him find me.

When a man gets the wrong assistant, the job is not going to be easy to do. Just imagine if you are a fashion designer and your assistant is a mechanic. How do you cope? You will not be the wrong assistant in Jesus Name. AMEN!!!

So now bringing it home. The man you are to help is not a perfect person. He has plenty flaws. He likes to be the boss that he is and capitalize on it. Sometimes, that which you are to assist him on, he will leave it for you and cross his legs. 😂😂😂 He will sometimes leave his garden to be filled with weeds and you have to clear it for both of you. He will sometimes scatter what took you hours to arrange. Guess what, your human nature will wanna scream at the top of your voice but guess what? He is not an angel. So he will fall your hands plenty plenty time.

Ladies as much as I preach prayer. I don’t encourage ABUSE of any form. So please don’t say Mrs. O said he is not an angel, he will scatter what I arrange, he will leave the garden unkempt. Ah ah. If he abuses you in all of this. Speak up.

Guess what, if Adam who Eve caused the garden of Eden didn’t lay a finger on her, there is nothing you do that should cause a man to lay his hand on you.

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