Date with Mrs. O’ (Edition 1)- The Recap (Part 3)

This is the recap of the virtual date that Mrs. O’ had with some beautiful ladies. Find part one and part two.

Now that we know that we are designed to assist our men. How do you assist when you have nothing? Ah…. it’s not possible. God in whose image we were created was a hard worker, he worked from day one to day six before resting on day seven. So you can see that there was no where in Scripture where it says Women should not work but keep eating. Yes I said it.

If you are a lazy woman, you do not deserve a hardworking man because you cannot assist him. Have you ever observed that God doesn’t give his children what will cause them to sorrow or suffer? If you are not busy, get busy please.

Adam was paid for all his hard work and faithfulness with a “woman” to call wife. Proverbs 22:18 “Find a wife and you find a good thing; it shows that the LORD is good to you.” God repays hard-workers with only good things. So you see if you are a good thing paid to a faithful man. What would be your payment for faithfulness at your duties as women, single or about to be married? Good things only.

Guest question: Good evening ma, what do you term as “abuse”? Cos I want to believe that a child of God should not think of beating his wife at home.

Mrs. O’s reply: Abuse is to treat with cruelty or violence an animal or person, regularly or repeatedly. (As google defined it) Yes it should be so my dear. But now so many so called “child of God” (male and female) are beating one another. When I say beating one another, I mean beating with hands, words and actions. Funny enough women do it too especially with mouth. That’s when you call them nagging wives (this is topic for next series. But if you are getting married soon, watch out for the series for the Mrs.-to-be.) So my dear, many man beat their wives even those who are called children of God.

It was at this juncture that the date came to a close but not without some heaven knocking prayers which is in part four.

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