Day 6 – Patience over impulsiveness

Welcome to Day 6 of this prayer challenge.

Today we will be praying for a VERY important area that many times are overlooked. The reason so many people have some challenges is because of actions that were done impulsively. How many women and children suffer the consequences of their husband’s actions simply because he didn’t think it through. Naturally men are not one to make decisions in a haste. They are the more thoughtful ones as compared to the woman. So today, we would be stopping them from making vows that they would not fulfil. Stopping them from taking actions that they’ll regret and wished they never did.

Scriptural thoughts: Ecclesiastes 5:4-7, Numbers 30:2, Deuteronomy 23:21-23

Prayer Points:

  • Prayer of thanksgiving
  • I pray for you my husband that the spirit of patience and thoughtfulness rests upon you. I am aware that there are challenges that can sometimes make you make a vow to the Lord that you cannot fulfil; but today I am asking for mercy where such has occurred and I pray for a thoughtful spirit to avoid such from happening again.
  • In pursuit of success and prosperity, many opportunities will come around – good and bad. I pray for you my husband that you will be patient in making any decision or taking any action. You will not run ahead of the Lord, but you will let him lead and you follow.
  • My dear husband, in your thinking time, I ask that the Lord speaks to you showing you if what is before you is good for you or would destroy you. I pray that you will not be stubborn to heed but be obedient and escape destruction that waits at the end.
  • I pray for you my husband that your decisions and actions will not cost us our joy and peace but bring about joy and peace if lacking, and increase our joy and peace where present.
  • The Lord releases upon you today a patient and thoughtful spirit and sends destructive impulsiveness far from you.

All these I have prayed and declared in Jesus Name. Amen.

God bless you.

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