Day 9 – Permission to be inspired

Today we are praying about contentment. The urge to always have more and more and more has led many to a life of greed. Another reason is when one has had enjoyed the beauty of plenty and does not want to ever be in a position to ask for help. Another reason, simply put is covetousness. Our husbands through God’s help must lead a life of contentment.

Scriptural Thoughts: Matthew 6:32-33, 1 Timothy 6:6-7, Philippians 4:12-13

Prayer points:

  • Prayer of thanksgiving
  • Father I pray for my husband today that he will be content with what you have in store for him. I reject every spirit of greed.
  • My dear husband, as God has chosen to bless you, I pray for you today that you will be content with all that He has given you.
  • I decree over you that the want for more and more and more and more will not cost you your relationship with God and your family. I receive for you a thankful heart and a thankful mouth.
  • I believe the report of the Lord to supply all of your needs and I pray for you that you will learn to be content and the want for more will not lead you to do as it shouldn’t be mentioned of a child of God.
  • I blindfold you from beholding anything that would spark up the fire of covetousness in you. I ask that you will continually behold all that the Lord has blessed you with be thankful.
  • Father do not put my husband in a position where he would want to look out of your will or power to provide for him. When challenges arise, visit him with the assurance of you word to supply all his needs with all your abundant wealth through Christ Jesus
  • I give the Lord express permission to let you behold that which would inspire you and push you to succeed and in your pursuit of success, contentment would be your partner.

All these, I have asked in Jesus Name. Amen.

God bless you.

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