Day 10 – Securing our gates.

Welcome to Day 10 of this challenge. A Christian family is like a house located within a fenced property. If you do not have someone by the gate to allow and disallow entry, anyone can come in whenever they feel like. With advanced technology, now you can remotely control gates to allow and disallow entry. You can plant a camera within and outside your property to see all what is happening around you. Now taking it back to the reason for our prayer today. We would be praying for our husbands, that they will not fall asleep at their security post. That they would not be too tired to man the gates that they leave them open.

Scriptural Thoughts : Psalm 91:1-16, Isaiah 39:8, Job 11:18, Habakkuk 2:1

Prayer Points

  • Prayer of thanksgiving
  • I pray for you my husband that you will be alert in your spirit to know when to rise to pray and when to sleep. When the enemy is trying to gain entrance into our home, I remove sleep from you and position you on your knees to send the forces of heaven to fight on our behalf.
  • I pray for you my husband that whatever it is that will make you incapable of performing your duties of securing our gates, the Lord reveal to you and give you notice in advance so you will be prepared.
  • I pray for you my husband that sickness, worry, fear and tiredness will not come upon you that would make you sleep and leave the door open. I position you strong in the presence of the Lord to receive all the reinforcement you need to guard our gates securely.
  • Many times the enemy will come in form of friends and families and you may want to just open unto them. Today, I open your spiritual eyes to see who is at the gate and to differentiate who truly is to be allowed in and who is not to.
  • As the Holy Spirit monitors our surroundings, I pray for you my husband that you will be sensitive to his instructions of what and what to do, where to be, and who to open to and who not to.
  • Because the Lord is with you at the gates, we will enjoy Peace and Safety till the Lord returns.

All these I have prayed in Jesus Name. Amen.

God bless you.

Author: Phebe

Phebe (Reju) Olaniran is the founder of Beautiful Life Corner. A christian blog she launched in 2013 to share about her journey but has grown to be a "blog-community" for other Christians to read all about the beautiful life. Phebe is a Christian full time Wife, Momma, Architect, Writer and Entrepreneur. Best described as an ever learning student who loves God and Family intimately. Aside all these, she is a big Foodie who loves to create healthy recipes and cook “yummy”-healthy-beautiful meals. Her heart desire is for everyone to discover, experience and flourish in the beautiful scenery of Life just as God designed.

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