Day 11 – God’s idea of marriage

Welcome to Day 11. How has been praying for your husband’s been? I enjoy it and most importantly, I always see results. I hope you are enjoying it and one thing is sure, you will see results.

We would be praying for ourselves as wives for the next three days and the last day for our family and our home. Last edition we prayed for ourselves first but why the Lord wants that we pray for our husbands first this time around, I don’t know. But be rest assured that he who knows all things, will always always give us his best.

I ask that where you are to say “I”, you mention your name in full.

Scriptural Thoughts: Genesis 2:18-24 – Key scripture.

Prayer Points

  • Prayers of thanksgiving
  • Lord I bring myself before you. I ask that whatever it is that would make my prayers null and void or bring about a self-imposed delay, let your mercy speak for me.
  • Just like I told some single ladies earlier this year that they are gods by virtue of their manufacturer’s details. So also are you. Lord where it is that I have drifted or even left my godlike position, do a factory reset on me. I want to be as you designed me to be – in your image. You are beautiful all over and all round and so I want to be.
  • Your husband came to your family to pick you. You knelt down before him somewhere before the whole witnesses and before heaven. Now are you standing so tall or even on him? Father Lord, where it is that I have disrespected my husband (whether he deserved it or not) I ask for mercy today and I pray that you put it in his heart to forgive me.
  • The idea of submission has been misconstrued from both sides. Many wives see submission as slavery and most husbands see it as a way to emotionally abuse their wives. Father I pray that as I submit to the authority of my husband, he would not use that as an opportunity to abuse me emotionally or in any way. I ask that the Love of a wife that makes her acknowledge the Authority of her husband without reading unnecessary meanings to it or looking for where there is a fault, plant it within me. Where it is that I am slowly or have grown out of Love for him in my heart or even physically, Lord arrest my heart with your love and help me see him with the eyes of Christ.
  • Father, Marriage was your idea and design, help me to live within your design. Let me not question your reason for it. My role in this journey of marriage, make clear to me and where it is I need to adjust, what it is that I need to do away with and what it is I need to introduce, help me to be open to embrace the changes. I will not be a rigid wife but a flexible one who knows when to respond to marital callings over self.
  • Father, as I take these days to pray for me, open my eyes to see where it is that I have to make good and not in anyway be a hindrance to answered prayers and your blessings in my home.

All these I have prayed in Jesus Name. Amen.

God bless you.

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