Day 13 – Understanding to flourish in the beautiful life

Welcome to Day 13. Thank you for praying for yourselves these past days. Thus far the Lord has brought us in this challenge. I want us today to position ourselves at our gates too. No matter how much our husbands guard our gates, we need to be alert, up and running too when they need to sleep or take a nap or even eat. At that few seconds of break, we do not want our gates unattended to because the devil is very tricky. He would sneak in if no one is there. How many times have we heard of insignificant things sparking flames in the home. Today we take our position and security guards at our own gates (heart, mouth and character) as well.

Scriptural Thoughts: Genesis 2:18-24

Prayer Points

  • Prayer of thanksgiving
  • I pray for you [your name] that you will be strong in your spirit, in your mind and in your soul to stand at the gates when it’s time for you to take your shift.
  • Many women have beautiful homes because they have been securing their borders in prayers since they got to that home. For you who have been doing this, you will pray for continuous strength and an alert spirit.
  • The reason you have some home not running beautifully is because some women don’t know when to be quiet and when to speak. Today I pray for you [your name] that you will remain in sync with the Holy Spirit and know when to talk in a matter and when to keep quiet. You will not fan the flames that are slowly burning by your words spoken out of season but instead you will quench every one of them by your words spoken in season.
  • Many women begin to have issues when they are joined to wrong people who tell them that Everyman does this or that. Gradually you begin to see what was not there because you are walking by what you heard. I pray for you [your name] that the spirit of trust and perfect love overwhelms you. You will not be influenced by companies of wives who see no good in their husbands.
  • Most men complain of how their wives suddenly changed after joining a group. I pray for you [your name] that you will only join groups that would motivate you, build you up and push you to become a better you, wife and mom.
  • Many women take decisions without their husband’s permission and then land the whole family in situations they didn’t bargain for just like Adam and Eve. Today I pray for you [your name], decisions that involves the family that should be taken by [husband’s name], you will not be in a haste to take it. You will always check with your head. And come to a beautiful conclusion.
  • Pray as led as the prayer points are inexhaustible.

All our prayers are answered in Jesus Name. Amen.

God bless you.

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