Day 14 – My beautiful Home

Praise the Lord. We have come to the last day of this prayer challenge. I can’t tell you how excited I am. The devil thought he could win but by the help of God, he didnt have a chance. Let the prayers for your spouses and for your marriage not end, even though the challenge comes to an end today. The power of prayer cannot be over-emphasized but one thing I can boldly tell you is that it works wonders. Marriage is God’s design and he is particularly interested in your marriage and home and he wants you to flourish. Don’t be the stumbling block to God’s blessings in your home.

Scriptural Thoughts: Proverbs 15:6, Psalm 127:1-2, Proverbs 24:3-4, I chronicles 13:14, Joshua 24:15


  • Dear Lord, I thank you for these past days that we have sought your face concerning our husbands and ourselves. I bless you Lord because it is your desire that every home prosper. I thank you for the strength to begin this challenge and see the end of it. Do accept our thanksgiving in Jesus Name.
  • I lift up every wife here who has raised her voice to heaven, I pray that our answers come speedily and lord our confessions are yes and Amen in our lives in Jesus Name.
  • For every woman who has cried to you during this challenge for one thing or the other as regards her husband and her home, I decree that she has everything she has asked for.
  • We release your unlimited blessings upon our husbands and we decree in the unity of faith that he is fruitful in his body, in his mind, in the work of his hands and all that he lays his hand to do bring forth great yield in Jesus name.
  • There are many husbands Lord who are struggling to provide, I pray today that you breathe life into their finances, ideas they need that will catapult them to greatness, give to them and the wisdom to spend wisely and invest properly you give to them also in Jesus name.
  • For every woman here who desires to be in her rightful position of assistance, you know what exactly they can do and what they have asked you, from their mouth to you ears dear Lord and you give them their heart desires in Jesus name.
  • Lord if we keep going, we would not run out of requests; so Lord at this juncture, we thank you for every needs met, every blessings received and every changes made. We cover all of our prayers with the blood of Jesus and we believe you have heard us and we declare that our marriages are beautiful, and our husbands enjoy the favor of the Lord. It is in Jesus name we have prayed. Amen.

Thanks for joining in and God bless you.

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