SAVED BY THE KNIFE – Mother and Child were TOO weak to pull through

“Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever-fresh and radiant possibility.” ~ Kate Douglas Wiggin

February 21 2007, between the hours of 10.00pm to 11.00pm, labour signs started. We were just about 10 months old then in marriage, I was a Corper with NYSC and my wife just graduated and was awaiting her “call up”, that tells you how young we were. We got to the hospital and for the next 18-20 hrs she was in the labour ward. I could feel the pains my self. In the course of our wait and pain, a lady walked in made some consultations and confirmations and within the hour she was brought out of the theatre safe with her baby.

She had booked a C-section earlier and here we were my young wife still in pains. I prayed, walked around the mediplex, drove around town to calm my nerves alas came back and my wife was still in pains. Almost 24 hrs later, the baby was weak and my wife was unable to pull through. We were advised then to have a C-section by the medical team and I was like… – “Someone walked in a while ago and she has her baby already.” So I signed necessary documents and before we knew it, here comes the most beautiful girls in my life – My wife and daughter.

God I so loved my wife and of course my baby girl. To God be the glory. My pain – if we knew better she wouldn’t have ventured sure pain for so long when of course we would have just walked in do a c-section and everyone goes home happy. My take on this, a C-Section is not a sin. God has given wisdom in various capacities if my clients trust me to deliver on my job and career, Doctors should be trusted too.

Story by Mr. K. Ogar

Picture credit: Google

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