SAVED BY THE KNIFE – My baby crowned and contractions ceased.

I have had two CS for different reasons and the experiences were different.

For my first boy, I had a seamless pregnancy, no issue of any kind. In fact baby was in breech position few weeks to delivery, we shared with our Pastors, and by delivery, baby was in the right position. Contractions started and all of a sudden, after baby had crowned, contraction ceased. The doctors waited, nothing happened. My husband was invited and when he came in, his face had dropped, I was not scared and I just assured him all will be well.

I felt the surgical knife tear my skin before the anesthesia took its toll on me, hours later I was glad to meet my sweetie- Moyinoluwa. He is well over five today,(and it is not written  on his forehead, born through CS ,lol).Well, the healing process was longer cos  I had gone through stress before the operation.

“When all a mother wants, is to see the little bun that had baked for months, the little miracle she has nursed within her for months and the little one she had made many sacrifices for; discomfort is the last thing she wants to hear stops her as she knows what discomfort is. She becomes like one who has no pain.” ~ Phebe (Reju) Olaniran

For my second boy, it was a case of placenta previa type III frank, as in total coverage. It would take a special miracle for the boy to pass through the placenta alive, but it was enough miracle that I wasn’t bleeding. The doctors kept asking if I was bleeding, and that was unbelievable to them. By the 37th week, elective CS was conducted, I slept over at the hospital, by around 5.30am I walked into the theatre, by few minutes to 11am, I was conscious and met my second miracle, energetic as only God can describe.

For my second CS, healing was quite fast, by evening I was sitting up,by the next day, I walked to the reception by myself and got fresh air outside.

My second CS burst these myths:

1) That first day, I was back to taking usual meals, cos doctor said he didn’t touch my intestines. Wow!

Please follow your Doctor’s advice.

2) He also said after the plaster was removed, I could have my bath normally (as against body cleaning with towel in the first experience),by the third day, we were back home. It’s so good to pour water and allow  the pores enjoy air.

I am alive by God’s grace to share this testimony, the boys are doing well, the dad is fine.

CS is a gift from God,

Medical  science is a gift from God.

God was the first surgeon, choose life.

All lives doesn’t need to end at childbirth, destinies are tied to you. Your baby deserve life, give him/her the opportunity. Make a wise decision.

Guess what, my tummy is so flat,cos I did hot water massage o,against public opinion.

Today, my son has given me the opportunity to be a blessing to other mothers and fathers sharing my parenting journey on Healthy Awesome Cool Kids Facebook Group: from recipe tips to weaning, caring and nurturing them for life.

Thanks Mrs O for raising this banner and what you are doing through Beautiful Life Corner.

Story by Mrs. B. Olupona

Picture credit: Google.

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