What COMPARISON truly does

Hello beautiful,

Happy new month. Happy March, How was February and January? How intentional were you these past two months? Oh well, don’t beat up yourself so much if you slipped here and there. It’s totally understandable. The only time, it isn’t fine is if you don’t stand up. Who said life is all perfect and no slips and no mistakes? Well, just tell them, hmm… and continue on your journey. Even God knows we are far from perfect and that’s why he gave us Jesus Christ. And the interesting thing is that you don’t need to wait till a special day to tell him when you slipped. Immediately you do so, you tell him because, he already knows. He saw you slip.

Okay, come let me tell you something, I slipped too, not just once or twice, I did severally but I always got back up and here I am.

Today we would talk about a topic that would lead to a series for March – COMPARISON.

The truth is that, we have at least once in our lives, compared. Okay before you give me the look and start to shake your head in disapproval, think again and think back. I have compared and I have competed. I have compared my life to some peoples’ many a times and guess what, the comparison didn’t make anything better, instead it was like a goof soil which began to grow envy and jealousy that I had to slap myself to reality. The words I always said were, “oh how I wish, I wish, I wish.” You may say, “Mrs. O, so wishes now are wrong?” Well, “it depends on what the motive behind the wishes are and what triggered the wishes.”

Truth be told, technology has advanced and social media does not even help matters one bit. We would divide this into three categories of people.

  1. Those who compare themselves with others and compete;
  2. Those who compare others with others and judge;
  3. Those who compare themselves with others and get depressed.

Category 1 – They see something and then boom, they have same. For example, Kemi just bought a new pair of shoes and boom, Remi has the exact same. Now Kemi may have been saving all her life to get it and since she now has the means, she does. Remi on the other hand, breaks her piggy bank to do same. But why? By the way, its different from admiring and complimenting and then asking questions.

Category 2 – This especially happens to leaders. And now I am guilty of this and talking to myself as well. We see the way a particular Leader does a thing and then we compare with another (of which some of these comparisons are not fair at all) and boom, we judge them in such a way that one would almost think, that is the final judgement. If you are in this category with me, let us stop it.

Category 3 – Oh my, I have been there and this can happen to anyone. It can catch you off guard even when it wasn’t your intention to do so. Imagine praying for something so dearly and someone who you never even heard them think (if you could hear people’s thoughts) about it suddenly have it. You look and there it is. What you need so dearly with someone who obviously have no need for it. It starts to look like God has forgotten you or life has chosen to be so unfair to you. It’s easy to be depressed in such a situation.

What remained constant among these three categories, is the fact that they saw. But each had a choice as regards the action to take. While I am not perfect, I am still learning CONSCIOUSLY.

Let me leave you with this;

“If you must compare at all, let it be fair. Don’t see it as an opportunity to compete, judge or become down trodden. Comparison if at all, should push you to groom and become a better version of yourself.” ~ Phebe (Reju) Olaniran

God bless you and do have a beautiful weekend.

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Hello, I'm Phebe! (Pronounced "fee bee") My friends call me Phebs or Phebet! I wear many hats (Wife, Mom, Architect, Designer, Business owner and so on) and I try to blend them beautifully by God’s Grace.

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