Loyalty: When to be

Hello Beautiful people.

Welcome to my blog once again. Today, I am writing on another good topic that has found a way to choke us in these current times. We are talking today about Loyalty.

First things first, what is Loyalty?

According to Collins Dictionary,

Loyalty is is the quality of staying firm in your friendship or support for someone or something.
Other words for loyalty are commitment, allegiance, devotion, faithfulness etc.

In the times that we live in, we’ve come to see that loyalty is one thing that people seem to do or pursue with eyes closed. Or rather, with eyes wide open but with an attitude as to why they’ll close it anyway. For me, I can say I am loyal to friends and family with my eyes and mind wide open. I do not let the loyalty blindfold me or silence me. I believe that if I am loyal to someone or something, I should be their eyes on the back, their physical conscience and I must be open to the fact that that thing can change.

I’ll give you a profound example, there are two farms I purchase my food produce from. One is on the mainland and has everything I need. The other is on the island and has somethings I need. I got to start patronizing the mainland farm before I discovered the island farm. Because of my location, many atimes when I buy from Farm M, the produce cannot stand the long drive in the sun and multiple deliveries before getting to me. This has lead me to always finding a way to salvage some or waste money by throwing it in the trash.

Now, Farm I happens to have this exact same produce and because the distance is short, I always get them very fresh and in reasonable quantity. I decided to leave out those produces whenever I buy from Farm M and instead have only those that can survive the long journey. Here, it is absolutely unwise to be playing the loyalty card and throwing away hard earned money. I’m sure, you will be the first to ask me if something is wrong with me. Hehehehe. Now I have saved myself the stress of salvaging and saved myself money.

Like my example, for some of you, there are some kind of loyalties you are in that would cost you so much and if care is not taken cost you your conscience. You are in a place and you find out that you aren’t making any progress, but you still remain all because of loyalty. How about knowing the truth of a particular matter but because the person involved is your friend, you choose to stay loyal? How about not being loyal for once? Well, thank God, we all have power over our choices.

The story of David and Jonathan as recorded in the Bible in 1 Samuel 19:1-7 (Please read it) is one that was impressed in my heart as I got the nudge to write on this topic. Jonathan here, had to choose when and how to play his loyalty card. Saul, his father was planning to kill his friend David. And yes we hear the “family first” rule and how we should always be loyal to the family, good or bad being shouted everywhere. In fact, I also do shout it. But this right here is an example where the “family first” loyalty card wasn’t used. In fact, it should never even be thought of being used. It was a life over loyalty.

Don’t get me wrong, Loyalty is good, it is beautiful. The Bible teaches on it and encourages it. Check Proverbs, it loaded with wisdom about this guy call Loyalty. One think remains constant, it’s a tool that was designed to be used for only GOOD but just like many good things, it has become a tool used for bad too.

Think about these:

  • “How many people have played the loyalty cards in life and lost?”
  • “How many have turned deaf ears and blind eyes to the truth all because of loyalty?”
  • “What are you loyal to that is costing you negatively? Is it a person, something, a place, a church, etc?”
  • “Why remain loyal till you lose it all and subsequently lose your soul?”

Ask yourself today, “Is it costing me my peace, my joy, my conscience, my voice, my money, my sanity, the truth, etc?

In the beautiful life, loyalty is good when you can speak the truth and stand up for what’s right, true and beautiful. So if you cannot tell that friend the truth they so dearly need to hear to become a better person, why remain loyal? Or let me put it this way, if you are surrounded by irons that aren’t sharpening yours, what are you doing there? Or you have friends who cannot tell you the truth about many things? Why are you still having them around? That’s not Loyalty, that is something else.

Note and Remember this. There are people who will only be critical of you to destruction, run from them. They aren’t loyal, they are simply jealous and envious. Their truth is not the truth.

Finally, Choose your loyalty cards wisely. Know when you should be.


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Hello, I'm Phebe! (Pronounced "fee bee") My friends call me Phebs or Phebet! I wear many hats (Wife, Mom, Architect, Designer, Business owner and so on) and I try to blend them beautifully by God’s Grace.

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