Part 1: Raising Well-rounded Christlike Children


The world we live in now is one that if we don’t teach our children right and this being done by the parents; the “world” would teach them and trust me, they’ll learn and that they will do very fast.

Many parents have left the spiritual schooling of their children to the children classes of their churches. (Don’t get me wrong, some children classes in some churches are just so sweet, you can almost go to sleep. Hehehe)

These days you see a 2year old holding a KJV and I wonder if that child understands it. Even me as an adult doesn’t comprehend it majority of the time. Then at home, same KJV. How about using a Montessorri system of learning to teach these children about God and about the Bible?

Children comprehend better when they see. Have you ever asked yourself why your child is so glued to the children’s channel on your TV or a children video on these electronic devices? It’s because, it is colorful. Children love colors. They don’t like those black and white bibles you give them to carry.

How about children bible based comics? I grew up reading those comics and trust me, I could tell stories of Gideon, Joseph, and others based on the comics not because I knew where they were in the Bible.

With this I welcome you to this series.

God bless you.

* This series on “Raising well rounded Christlike Children” is for parents with children between ages 0-7 specifically but applicable to all age groups.

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