Part 2: Raising Well-rounded Christlike Children


New to this series? We don’t want you missing out at all. So catch up on the first part.

Have you ever wondered how much time and energy the teachers at school put in to teach your children? Well you may say, “they better” since you pay heavily for school fees and other materials. Now, this is to learn the basics of what will one day transform to the big things.

Let’s take it home. How much energy do you put into teaching your children the basic spiritual things? You may say, “that’s why I send them to children church.” Well, I will talk about that later.

As parents, be ready to explore book stores both online and offline for basic COLORFUL Christian and moral books that would get your child’s attention. These books most times, do not necessarily follow the exact pattern in which the Bible is written. They contain mainly the stories within the pages of the Bible that are illustrated so colorfully that it’s easy for children to see, learn and memorize.

Just like you would patiently wait for your child to grow academically in school, give time for your child to grow also in this spiritual school. Some of these books, they may not even know how to read them, but they would always go back to them just because of the pictures. You keep reading to them, answer their little silly questions and one day, you will wake up to see they know a little of the story you always read to them.

Teach them the basics, let them learn the basics. You didn’t start reading school books at one year old, don’t expect your children to start reading the Bible at one year old. Show them pictures, tell them stories of Adam, of David, of Joseph. One story at a time, till they can tell you back. Let them know it like they know “I want to pee,” or “I want to poo-poo.”

Thanks for stopping by to read and share. God bless you.

*P.S. while I bought these books for my children, I read them sometimes to my little ones at bedtime or at wake time. Now even though they can’t read it, they pick it up and open the pages and one shouts “Ah” as per the phonic sound when they see A; and I simply say, “Amazing. God is amazing.”

**This series on “Raising well rounded Christlike Children” is for parents with children between ages 0-7 specifically but applicable to all age group. Christian children church teachers can also learn from it. Feel free to share.

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