Part 3: Raising Well-rounded Christlike Children


Have you read the second part? You just might need to catch up on that here.

At a parent’s orientation last week, the proprietor said and I quote, “Children have a lot to teach us. The teachers can only teach the children what they know and it’s limited.” While these phrases sunk into the deepest part of my being, I began to ask myself, “how much does these teachers even know?” Many times, it’s almost like a “hand me down” kind of teaching method.

We will be back to the teaching method, let’s talk about the environment. Have you noticed how colorful your children’s classrooms at school are? Can we make the children’s classrooms at church so? Can we even divide it further to cater for the ages appropriate. The other day I sent my child to children’s class at church, it was a mix of 0-6. When I returned to check on mine, children were everywhere. Mine was doing head stand at the back. I ran in quickly to catch before an accident was going to happen.

Well I don’t blame the children, they do not understand what was been preached. Teachers and parents must understand that the method of learning for these children must be appropriate for their ages. For a 0-3 year old, they still need to be taught in circle. Sit with them, share with them, use flash cards, use illustrated bibles and let them participate. Make the classroom almost like their school so that the eagerness with which they run into the classrooms at school; they have same for the classrooms at church too.

How about praising and worshipping, teach them songs while seated in a circle. Ensure no child is left out by having every one sing either two words or a line of the song. This encourages participation.

Do you know that whatever children participate in, they easily remember; especially when they had fun and enjoyed every part of it? This way, you don’t need to ask them what they learnt, they’ll show you or tell you.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share. God bless you.

* This part is specifically written for children church teachers.

** These series on “Raising well rounded Christlike Children” is for parents with children between ages 0-7 specifically but applicable to all age group.

Christian children church teachers can also learn from it.

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