Part 4: Raising Well-rounded Christlike Children


Have you read part 3 yet? Read up on it here.

Do you know that most children have photographic memory? They can remember things much more than most adults. Reason they easily pick up things they see or hear.

When we began reading as kids, there was this “Pilgrims Progress” by John Bunyan. Dad made my sisters and I assume each character, thereby reading it as though we were acting a drama. This way it sunk deep into us and was a huge part in my personal knowledge of Christ.

Please if you must get Bible for your children that can read, get them versions that are in simple and understandable English. Go to the old testaments, read stories, encourage them to retell the stories. The more they retell these stories, the words begin to sink in, they begin to have questions to ask. Trust me, when some 5 year old or even 6 year old ask you some questions, if you are not careful, it will throw you off balance if you are not sound. Reason some teachers silence questions from some children.

In a Montessorri system, this can be done as a “show ‘n’ tell.” For the children church teachers, tell each child to prepare to share a story from the Bible next week Sunday and trust me, they will go home and disturb their parents about it till they get it so right and would look forward to sharing to their peers in church. And lest I forget, a round of applause and standing ovation is a big encourager, do it for them when they retell these stories.

It’s so beautiful to hear children retell Bible stories. This way, they are getting to know more and one day, they can make an informed decision to be a genuine child of God, not because dad or mum forced them to or scared them about hell. This way, they don’t just get saved but live the wholesome Christlike life in every area.

Till the next part, feel free to share on your timelines and on other platforms. We need to start them early and not just early but rightly too.

Thank you for stopping by and for reading from me. God bless you.

* These series on “Raising well rounded Christlike children” is for parents with children between ages 0-7 specifically but applicable to all age group.

Christian children church teachers can also learn from it.

** That’s a picture of a child showing and telling her peers. Do you see the attention?

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