MARRIAGE: Two imperfect humans.

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Before I continue, catch up on Part 1 and Part 2.

After we knew we were going to be with each other for the rest of our lives, my then fiancé and I were given the go ahead to do our introductions to each other’s family. Though not present physically to receive his in laws, the words my dad shared with us via Skype has found a way to live with us and will always live with us forever. He shared from the scriptures of the woman whose husband died and she had to marry the brother and on till the seventh one. Now the question that was posed to Jesus was, “whose wife will she be at the resurrection?” Christ’s response was that at the resurrection, there will be no marriage, for we would be like the angels.

Now, Angels are perfect beings and they do not marry. (Well if you have found one that is married, feel free to let me know) Now just imagine two angels married, the marriage would be boring. They will know everything about each other and there would be no surprises. And I digressed but I’m back.

Now, the human beings that God created are imperfect. So dad told us that we must understand that we did not marry an angel and hence we will offend one another, step on one another’s toe and all the things that real human beings would do. But we must learn to forgive because if that person knew, he/she wouldn’t do it.

These days, you hear words like, “Oh I married a perfect man/woman.” Well they are far from the truth. “We have never argued about anything.” Oh that must be so boring, because you should argue. You are two different individuals with unique characters and just like the teeth will mistakenly bite the tongue, you should have times of disagreements. A friend told me once that if you see a couple who haven’t had an argument ever in their married life, they are fighting a Cold War (malice). I’ll say I agree with her.

It’s healthy to argue, it’s healthy to disagree. Sometimes you will raise your voices but never ever raise your hands. Make sure you arrive at common grounds. Don’t silence one another, give room for expression. The contents of a man/woman’s heart are revealed during disagreements. Some can be annoying, but listen. Apologize and mean it. Apology is not gender biased. Husband and Wife, apologize when you are wrong.

In all of these imperfections, you two must learn to trust the perfect God. Let Him always be the third cord that binds you and keep you from loosening, not another man/woman. They are imperfect like you and can innocently or maliciously prescribe an imperfect solution. No marriage on earth is perfect. As much as we put our best to be the best, we can never be perfect. So enjoy the surprises that comes with your spouse.

Just before I drop my pen or rather rest my fingers, let me also mention that, as the years go by, you begin to have less arguments because you both grow in wisdom and love each passing day. So you naturally become tolerant.

Love within a marriage makes the imperfect marriage look like a perfect one to those outside.

Till you read from me on this series, stay beautiful and keep enjoying and loving your “imperfect” spouse.

God bless you and much love.

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