As I come to the end of these series, I got to thinking how unique every marriage is. The way my husband does his things are different from how another does and I as a wife must learn to recognize that. So also the husbands must learn to understand their wives and stop comparing with another.

Before I proceed, do well to catch up on Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of these series.

I was one of those wives that had breakfast in bed after our wedding day. While I still do sometimes, I found out that now it’s rather me who does breakfast in bed for hubby. Now almost every new bride would want breakfast in bed and that may not be who your husband is. He may be one that prepares the meal and serves on the table and all you have to do is come out and dine.

I learnt early or rather before marriage that I must not compare my husband or even my marriage with another as sometimes what you see is far from the truth in a good or bad way.

Now, marriage journeys are embarked on mostly offline. The hard work and sacrifices done are also behind the scenes. You and your partner must learn to work as a team to plan out how your journey will go. Have a goal, have plans and lots of great dreams. Many sweet marriages you see around, the partners are working. They are forbearing, forgiving, living transparently and loving continuously.

Now in the area of romance, your husband may not be the one who is all kissing and holding hands outside but never fails to hug you or kiss you at home. You must respect that and not compare him with your friends whose husbands do all that in public. He doesn’t have to do it in public for you to know he loves you.

I read of a story of a married woman who always told her friend who was also married not to take nonsense from the husband but instead was a “submissive” wife to her own husband. Unfortunately the friend began to adhere to the advice of her friend and this lead to the collapse of her once great marriage.

Now men are not exempt from this. That your friend’s wife does all the work around the house with her husband not visibly helping out doesn’t mean you now stop helping your wife out. How sure are you that he isn’t working behind closed doors or even the one doing all the work while the wife boss him around? We all know that this happen.

Your marriage is your making. If you don’t put the mortar between the bricks, you will one day come back to meet the bricks all over the place.

You and your spouse must ensure that you embrace each other in everything. Write your own marital story that inspires others to make their own marriage as unique as God designed it. Stop listening to the marital competitors which we have all over the place. Not every marriage that appears to work is truly working and most times people are too busy building and beautifying their marriages that you may never see anything.

I hope you have picked one or two things from these series. Though this is not my strong point of discussion, I’ve been led to share with you and I am glad I finally did. I pray you see your own marriage from the eyes of God and not what society expects of you and build and beautify it so.

I want to use this opportunity to invite you to join in the upcoming “Beautiful Wives Prayer Challenge.” This will be the third edition and I promise you it will be with a difference. I am expectant that God will do something beautiful for you and yours.

Thanks for reading, God bless you and Stay beautiful always.

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