I remember so vividly how I found out that I could pray to God as regards my husband. It was the best miracle for me. I love it that my husband knows that I always pray for him and would always call on me to do so either for his personal life or work or anything.

It was early in our marriage, we were arguing and disagreeing so much even over trivial things. This was not how I pictured my marriage. It was even more troubling to me knowing that there were some people waiting to see what will become of my marriage in 2 years.

When I purchased a copy of the Power of a Praying Wife, I knew how little I could achieve fighting or nagging and how much I could achieve praying. God worked on me and changed me first. He opened my eyes to see the changes He would effect in my husband. He gave me reason to love my husband so dearly that anything I desire for him, I pray about it for him. Prayer is the best tool I have and I have no regrets whatsoever.

Now, I want to explain how I pray. I do this by talking to God as though he was in the room physically with me. The way I would pour out my displeasure to my husband or sister or friend, I decided why not pour it out to God. In scriptures, it says “Cast your cares on the Lord.” You don’t need to bother helping the Lord because how He carries it is not your business, just put everything on him. I promise you this, He will carry it, no matter how much.

Feel free to go beyond the prayer points given and please this challenge is not about revenge. It’s all about Love. It’s about putting another before yourself.

Are you currently unhappy with your spouse and you don’t feel like praying for him, you can still join in. The first two day are prayers for our selves, so communicate your displeasure to the Lord. Tell him how you feel and tell him to help you forgive and pray for him lovingly.

My sincere prayer is that you who is partaking in this challenge will have a testimony beyond your expectations.

Thank you for choosing to join the challenge.

I welcome you. God bless you.

Published by Phebe

Hello, I'm Phebe! (Pronounced "fee bee") My friends call me Phebs or Phebet! I wear many hats (Wife, Mom, Architect, Designer, Business owner and so on) and I try to blend them beautifully by God’s Grace.


  1. Nice one sis. I’m so glad to be a part of this challenge.Amen. Testimonies will abound in Jesus name.  Keep doing what you are doing, great rewards. 

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