Welcome to day two of this challenge. Today we would be thanking God for our homes and asking him to help us to build a beautiful marriage.

Looking back to the start of the year, there is so much we can look on and be thankful to God for. They don’t have to be big things really. Just add up all the small things that has happened in your marriage, you will see that indeed they were big things wrapped up in small packages.

Now I’ve come to understand that building my marriage is a long term project. It’s not like building a house, so no need to rush. A house built today can be pulled down tomorrow but I am sure that you are just like me who doesn’t want to pull down her marriage but instead build it and continue building it through your actions, your words, your character, your attitude and everything; such that when it looks as though that’s the best of it, there is another added feature that beautifies it even more.


  • Father, I thank you for all you have done for me. I know I may have not regarded them because they felt small and insignificant but today Lord, I’ve come to say thank you because, to have even done these little things, you had me in mind and for this I am so grateful.

Luke 14:28-30 (NCV)If you want to build a tower, you first sit down and decide how much it will cost, to see if you have enough money to finish the job. If you don’t, you might lay the foundation, but you would not be able to finish. Then all who would see it would make fun of you, saying, ‘This person began to build but was not able to finish.’”

Before we said I do to our husbands that beautiful day, we had the opportunity of saying no but we sat down, prayed about it and made a decision to be his good thing. Much interestingly about this decision is that, we did it with God so, we have all it takes to finish well.

  • Father, I know you gave me the power to choose who to build with and I thought very well about it. I didn’t just even go ahead, I sought your opinion and guidance in this regard, so Lord I degree that all I need to build a beautiful marriage structure that reflects your original design – so beautiful and full of love is available to me today and forever in Jesus Name. I have counted the cost, I have began putting a piece every day. I give you express permission to continually manufacture all the resources I need and would need and even those I do not know I would need but you know I would need them. No one would laugh at me because, I will finish well in Jesus Name.

Ephesians 4:16 (NLT) “He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.”

There is something about building with the Lord, He ensures everything fit. Now our marriages can be liken to the body, every part has its role to play to help build a healthy one.

  • Father, there is a special role I have to play and a special work for me to do to build a healthy marriage. Today I receive all that I need to carry out this special work. I ask for the strength to do my part and to do it with so much love in Jesus Name.

Ephesians 4:15 (TLB) Instead, we will lovingly follow the truth at all times—speaking truly, dealing truly, living truly—and so become more and more in every way like Christ who is the Head of his body, the Church.”

One of the secret to building successfully is being truthful every step of the way. Telling each other how you feel about a thing truthfully and not just to please the other goes a long way to building a beautiful marriage, all the more beautiful when it is done lovingly.

  • Dear Lord, I receive the grace and boldness to lovingly speak the truth to my husband on how I feel about a thing or more in our marriage. Help me to not stay silent and then become judgmental when it doesn’t go the right way. Even though I know somethings the truth can be difficult to swallow, I pray that you go ahead and prepare a slippery part for it to be easily swallowed and digested to bring forth great results. Even for the times when I have to hear the truth, I receive the grace to take it in lovingly, knowing that truthfulness is paramount in building a beautiful marriage.

Romans 14:19 (ERV) “So let’s try as hard as we can to do what will bring peace. Let’s do whatever will help each other grow stronger in faith.”
I Thessalonians 5:11 (NLT) “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.”

There will be times when our husbands would lose faith about certain situations and thing in the marriage. These can go from financial to family to work to anything. When our spouses are running low on faith, it can trigger a negative shot at our marriage and it can shake the peace of our homes. This is where we come in to build them up, ensure we do all within our power to be at peace. This can be exhausting and that’s why we are going to ask God to help us.

  • Father, I know challenges will come up here and there, that’s why today I am receiving in advance the right words to say, the right things to do to build my husbands faith, to bring peace to his heart when he needs it the most. I trust your help to be available for me at this time and always in Jesus Name.

Ecclesiastes 4:9,10 (NCV)Two people are better than one, because they get more done by working together. If one falls down, the other can help him up.

In Marriage, there are two people and these two must work together to build up their home. If one neglects the other and live as though he/she is alone, it will be difficult to build that marriage God’s way.

  • Father, I am not alone in this marriage neither is my husband alone. I ask that the spirit of building alone or individually will be far from us. I receive for us today, the willingness to always work together, help each other and always think of the other because this would help us successfully build our marriage just as you intend. Always remind us that we are not one person but two people who should work together towards a singular goal in Jesus Name.

Lastly, 2 Corinthians 13:11 (ERV) “Now, brothers and sisters, be filled with joy. Try to make everything right, and do what I have asked you to do. Agree with each other, and live in peace. Then the God of love and peace will be with you.”

When building a house or a product, there must always be an agreement on what is to be built. After agreeing on things, all parties involved must always be on the same page. So also in marriage, we and our husbands must always be on the same page, we must also always agree on things.

  • At this point, you pray and say, Father, all that you know we need to agree on to build a healthy marriage, give us the grace to agree to disagree on. Even when I don’t seem to see it clearly at the time, give me the grace to always be on the same page with my husband on things that are right and are for the good of this marriage. I silence every disagreeing voices that want to make me feel my way is better when in fact my husbands is. As regards every area of our marriage Lord that we need to build up, I ask that we peacefully agree on the right thing. Your word says that “two can work together when they agree” and this oh lord is my request that my husband and I live and work in agreement in Jesus name.


  • I confess my tendency to always build our marriage as though it were only me in it and I declare that from today onward, I will work together with my husband to build a healthy and beautiful marriage.
  • I confess my untrue statements and things that I have said unlovingly and I declare that from now on, my marriage is built on truth that is conveyed to each other lovingly.
  • I declare that (husband’s name) and I will work together because we agree on all the right things.
  • I declare that the right words to say to build my husband and build our marriage will only be those I say from now onward. (Go on and confess and declare as led.)

All these I have confessed and declared in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!!!

Thanks you for joining in Day two. See you here for Day three.

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Hello, I'm Phebe! (Pronounced "fee bee") My friends call me Phebs or Phebet! I wear many hats (Wife, Mom, Architect, Designer, Business owner and so on) and I try to blend them beautifully by God’s Grace.

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