Strength of “Friend-ships”

Some friendships don’t last for long, but there is one loving friend who is joined to your heart closer than any other! Proverbs 18:24 TPT

As an introvert who also happen to have a dominant melancholy temperament, building a friendship is one that I just don’t begin without thinking it through. And if you ask me why, I believe I have a lot of reasons. But I must share that there are some friendships for me that took off quickly and have been great.

Before I deviate far, let me get to the reason for this post.

I have come to discover that many “quick” friendships don’t stand the test of time and many do turn out to be great and beautiful. May I also mention that, even when we are careful, we can still invest in a friendship with someone who isn’t ready to do same.

If we look through scriptures, there are so many accounts of friendships that shows how great and beautiful it is to invest in friendships. Moses and Aaron; David and Jonathan; Abraham and Lot; Mary and Elizabeth, Elijah and Elisha, Naomi and Ruth; Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego; and others.

For this post, I’ll just focus on three.

David and Jonathan

This is an example of a “quick” or rather let’s call it an instant friendship. Jonathan was Saul’s son and even when Saul gave an instruction to kill David, Jonathan was the one to tell David about it and save his life.

This is one that shows us how much friendship can keep. Jonathan was directly related to Saul but he couldn’t imagine his friend being killed for no reason. He went all out to make sure David was secure and then he went to reason with his father. I want to believe that even if Saul’s heart was hardened, Jonathan would not have carried out his father’s instruction and wouldn’t mind his relationship with his father over his friendship to David.

After David had finished talking with Saul, he met Jonathan, the king’s son. There was an immediate bond between them, for Jonathan loved David. From that day on Saul kept David with him and wouldn’t let him return home.And Jonathan made a solemn pact with David, because he loved him as he loved himself. 1 Samuel 18:1-3 NLT

Saul told his son Jonathan and his officers to kill David. But Jonathan liked David very much, so he warned him. “Be careful! Saul is looking for a chance to kill you. In the morning go into the field and hide. I will go out into the field with my father. We will stand in the field where you are hiding. I will talk to my father about you, and I will tell you what I learn.” 1 Samuel 19:1-3 ERV

Friends would stand up for you and defend you in any situation that puts your life or well-being at risk.

Abraham and Lot

Even though Lot was a nephew to Abraham, there was a loyalty that Abraham had to Lot and this shows us what friendship is all about. This we see in him going in pursuit when Lot was captured. And when Sodom and Gomorrah was to be destroyed, it was because of Lot, Abraham kept asking the Lord if He would destroy it if He finds a number of good people.

When Abram learned that Lot was captured, he called all of his family together. There were 318 trained soldiers. He led the men and chased the enemy all the way to the town of Dan… Then Abram brought back everything the enemy had stolen, as well as the women and servants, his nephew Lot, and everything Lot owned. Genesis 14:14-16 ERV

Then Abraham approached him and asked, “Will you destroy the good people while you are destroying those who are evil? Genesis 18: 23 ERV

Friends are selfless and will go out of their way to make sure you are safe.

Daniel and Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego

These were young men from the tribe of Judah taken to Babylon. When an order was given to kill all the wise men, these four men were to be killed as well. Daniel however was the one who interpreted the king’s dream and was rewarded with the most important job in the kingdom. Anyone in this position would not want to be competed with but not Daniel. He asked that his friends be given important positions as well.

Then the king gave Daniel a very important job in his kingdom and gave him many expensive gifts. Nebuchadnezzar made Daniel ruler over the whole province of Babylon and put him in charge of all the wise men of Babylon. Daniel asked the king to make Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego important officials over the province of Babylon. The king did as Daniel asked. Daniel himself became one of the important officials who was always near the king. Daniel 2:48,49 ERV

Friends look out for each other and are not afraid of anything but wants only what’s best for the other.

There is a strength that lies within Friendships. If yours drains you, gives you headache and sleepless night and takes away your peace, please prayerfully ask yourself, is this the kind of friendship God wants for me?

It was recorded in scriptures that Abraham and God were friends. (2 Chronicles 20:7, Isaiah 41:8, James 2:23) And with this I invite you to develop a friendship with God because this will make you a great friend to someone out there.

Next time, I would be writing on Friendships in relationships. Do well to subscribe and turn on your notifications to know when the post is published.


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