Welcome to Day three of this prayer challenge.

Today, I wanted us to pray about something totally different but God would have us pray about something else and that we would do.

You see, when God created Man, God made everything man would need to survive first. Food, Water, Job and also a Home – Garden of Eden. You may wonder, what is Phebe talking about. Well you see, the original plan of God at creation was for man to be “Responsible”. After God had created all things (man inclusive), it was then He created woman. Let me take you back to creation a little bit. (Genesis 3:16-19) Within those verses, God said to woman, you will be ruled my man. Some other versions said, man would be your master. Invariably, it means before the fall, man and woman were equal, woman was a partner, an ally, a companion, someone who could work with man. But after the fall, woman became a subordinate to man. Man was meant to provide and fend for woman.

So while we are to still assist our husbands, support them, bear children, we are meant to be provided for. Because, when man fell, God’s punishment to man was for him to work. The equality that was, was reversed; and as far as the word of God is concerned, It remains so. Remember, heaven and earth will pass away but the word of God will remain.

Now for some reason, we now have three categories of women. Those who have acquired the role as head of the home, those who have acquired the role as “slave” of the home and those who are partners, allies, while still being a “subordinate.”

For situations beyond our controls, some women have had to wear the belt of breadwinner and this got into their head. So even now that their husbands are fine and okay to run the home, they still see themselves as head. The other category of women are those who unconsciously enables their husbands laziness. The husband doesn’t want to do anything to provide but wants to control what is being provided with little to no regard for the provider. Now the last category of women are those whose husbands provide and welcomes their contributions with gratitude and even supports their quest to become better in every area of their lives, but these women still know their place – as not the head. (This is the category we should all belong to)

Are you in Category 1 or 2 today? This will have to change. How about those in category 3? Just before you say these prayer is not for me, You will want to reconsider praying to not fall into Category 1 or 2.


1 Timothy 5:8 EXB –  Whoever does not care for his own relatives [own], especially his own family members, has turned against [denied; rejected] the faith and is worse than someone who does not believe in God [an unbeliever].

  • I pray for [husband’s name], all the times you have being an unbeliever according to the word of the Lord, I ask for mercy on your behalf and I receive mercy in full on your behalf. I pay for you today that God will open your eyes to see what you have become by not providing for us. Every spirit of laziness that has taken hold of you and caused you not to see that you are meant to be providing for us, I cast that spirit out of you through the power in the name of Jesus.

Its one thing for the spirit of laziness to leave a man, but it can return if he doesn’t get busy. For some of you, you have enabled this habit for so long simply because “you want to keep your home.” If I may ask, “are you really keeping your home? How many times have you, under your breath, out of frustration “cursed” your husband for allowing you suffer.” It’s time we ask God to put fire in his bosom, in his bones, and in his mind.

  • Father, I take back my rightful place as one my husband is meant to be providing for. [Husband’s name], I put fire in your bosom, in your bones and in your mind. From today, this moment, begin to burn with ideas, burn with great desire to work and provide for us. I declare that the scales are fallen off your eyes and at dawn the bed becomes uncomfortable for you to sleep in and the chairs become uncomfortable for you to sit in while I am out working.

2 Thessalonians 3:6-10 EXB –  … [For] You yourselves know that you should live as we live [follow our example; imitate us]. [Because] We were not ·lazy [idle; undisciplined] when we were with you. And when we ate another person’s food [bread], we always paid for it. We worked very hard [with labor and toil] night and day so we would not be an expense [financial burden] to any of you. We had [It was not because we do not have] the right to ask you to help us, but we worked to take care of ourselves so we would [in order to] be an example for you to follow [imitate]. [For even] When we were with you, we gave you this rule [instruction; command]: “Anyone who refuses [is not willing] to work should not eat.”

  • I declare that you will not feel comfortable spending the hard earned money I bring in when you have contributed nothing. For all the years I have labored, I receive my reward Lord. I receive my reward Lord. I receive my reward Lord. I decree that this time next year I will share of how I have had to make a choice whether to work or not because you [husband’s name] has taken full-on your designed role as provider for our family.

Now, I’ll want you to pray a selfish prayer irrespective of the category you fall under.

Colossians 3:19 AMP – Husbands, love your wives [with an affectionate, sympathetic, selfless love that always seeks the best for them] and do not be embittered or resentful toward them [because of the responsibilities of marriage].

  • Lord, from now till when my husband begins to provide for our family, I declare upon this altar that He will appreciate me, He will love me, He will be everything to me. He will think highly and speak highly of me. I refuse any thing less that a loving treatment for my hard work.

We know some women are financially, in better standing than their husbands and due to this, their husbands don’t have so much say in the marriage. The fact that they can pay the bills and do so much has made them become a pain in the life of their husbands.

  • Father, I am sorry for looking down on my husband. I am sorry for disrespecting my husband and making him feel like nothing. I am sorry for exalting myself to become the man of my home because you have blessed me. I am sorry for using the blessings you have given me as a weapon. Lord have mercy on me. Have mercy Lord. Today I make the choice to be a blessing off of the blessings you have give to me freely. Today Lord, I submit to your correction. Please work on me. I come down from my high horse and I ask that you please help me embrace a humble spirit in Jesus Name.

Now some women have not only rubbed it in their husbands nose on how much they contribute a large portion to the purse, they have gone on to tell friends, families and even the whole word. Just imagine being a man in those shoes.

Proverbs 12:4 CEV – A helpful wife is a jewel for her husband, but a shameless wife will make his bones rot.

  • Lord, I pray for me today that you help me to be a supportive wife and helpful wife. I pray that I will be submissive to the authority of God through my husband over me. Where it is I have brought shame and disgrace to my husband and my family and to you oh Lord, I ask for your mercy and I ask that you soften my husbands heart to forgive me.

  • Lord I pray that you who made my husband my provider, will continue to provide for him. I pray that you open many more doors and windows of opportunity that we will not lack or have want for anything. Give my husband and myself uncommon ideas and wisdom and knowledge to execute them. For every work we do, immediate blessings and continuous blessing we receive in Jesus name.


  • I decree and declare, our businesses, our work and all that we lay our hand on to do are successful. (Deuteronomy 28:3-10)
  • I decree and declare, my God will supply all our needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Even our wants are supplied and met. (Philippians 4:19)
  • I decree and declare, we have so much and are blessed on every side that we have enough to share. (2 Corinthians 9:10,11)
  • I decree and declare, the favor of the Lord is upon us and we prosper in every way. (Psalm 90:17)
  • I decree and declare, as the Lord blesses and prosper us, we will enjoy the blessings of God in joy and peace. (Proverbs 10:22)
  • I decree and declare, my husband is a provider and he has all that he needs to continually provide for us.
  • I decree and declare, whether I contribute plenty or little, my contributions are a blessing to my husband and my family and to you my God.

All these we decree and declare in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!!!

Finally, Deuteronomy 28: 12 – The Lord will open the storehouses of the skies where he keeps the rain, and he will send rain on your land at just the right times. He will make you successful in everything you do. You will have plenty of money to lend to other nations, but you won’t need to borrow any yourself.

Thank you for joining in today. See you tomorrow.

God bless you all.


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