It’s day five here on the beautiful wife prayer challenge.

Today we will be praying for a HEALTHY LONG LIFE.

Personally, I pray about this as much as I pray for any other thing. Not just for long life, not just for health but for a long life that is healthy. I’m sure if I ask who wants same for their husbands, everyone present here would raise not just one hands but both hands.

For many of you who will be joining in this prayer today, your answer will come from a change to your lifestyle. The bible made us to understand that Faith without works is dead. We can’t pray for a healthy long life and then your daily lifestyle is one that doesn’t promote health.

Early on in my marriage, I knew deep within me I needed to make some changes to my husband’s diet. Even though he loved juicing and having smoothies, he never liked eating vegetables and some other healthy things. Getting him to change was difficult. So after praying about it, I went to him and asked him how much he loved me. After saying how much, I told him how much I needed him to be healthy and live to a ripe old age with me. This was the turning point for us.

I shared this story with you so you know that beyond praying, there is work that needs to be done as well.

3 John 1:2 TLB – Dear friend, I am praying that all is well with you and that your body is as healthy as I know your soul is.


It is so easy to assume that because we are sound and fine spiritually, other areas of our lives don’t need so much attention. But 3 John 1:2 tells of the prayer of John the apostle to Gaius. He knew that for the spiritually sound man to remain relevant in this world, he needed to be well physically and mentally. He needed to be healthy.

  • [Husband’s name], I pray for you today that as you pay so much attention to other areas of your life, you will not forget to pay attention to “yourself.” God wants you hale and healthy, I want you hale and healthy, our children want you hale and healthy. So I pray for you today that a realization happens and you choose to live healthily from this moment on in Jesus name.

1 Corinthians 6:19,20 CEB – Or don’t you know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you? Don’t you know that you have the Holy Spirit from God, and you don’t belong to yourselves? You have been bought and paid for, so honor God with your body.

Let’s see it this way. You give someone a very expensive designer bag and put some clean dollar bills in them. This person doesn’t care and fills the bag will all sort of dirt and rubbish. How would you feel seeing this? Bad right? How about God who gave you a precious body and all you fill it with, is junks upon junks upon junks.

  • Father, on behalf of [husband’s name] and I, we are sorry for the way we’ve handled this body you gave us. We are sorry Lord for not appreciating this body you paid for and gave us free of charge. From today Lord, we will honor our bodies, we will feed our bodies, we will clean up our bodies with that which will make us whole, healthy and well in Jesus name.

For anyone who is sick or has a sick husband here as a result of bad choices, let us please pray together for them

  • Lord, I lift up as many sick wives or husbands(to beautiful wives) who are participating in this challenge. Let your healing hand come upon them. I pray that whether this sickness was as a result of their choices or of natural cause, you heal them and make them whole again. These are your children Lord and they love and obey you. You said in your word in Deuteronomy 7: 12 and then verse 15 that if we pay attention to your laws and follow them, You oh God will keep your covenant of love to us. You said that You will keep us free from every disease. And for this we pray oh Lord that you keep your covenant of Love to these ones in Jesus name. I declare that there is healing flowing from Calvary to them wherever they are and they are whole from the crown of their heads to the sole of their feet in the name of Jesus.

Romans 12:1 CEB – So, brothers and sisters, because of God’s mercies, I encourage you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice that is holy and pleasing to God. This is your appropriate priestly service.

Ideally, when you want to bring a sacrifice to God, you bring your best of best and not a sickly one or one that is about to be sick. In general, you bring a clean animal to offer. If we were to look upon you through a microscope, will we find you clean enough to be a sacrifice or we will find you sickly. For this, we pray for ourselves and our husbands.

  • [Husband’s name], from today, you and I will be a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God. I declare that we will make healthier choices no matter how inconvenient or hard they make seem. Every time the Lord looks upon us, he will be happy and pleased with us in Jesus name.

Genesis 1:29 CEB – Then God said, “I now give to you all the plants on the earth that yield seeds and all the trees whose fruit produces its seeds within it. These will be your food.

If we want to look at this verse literally, we can say, God wants us to eat fruits and vegetables.

  • [Husband name], you and I will make better choices regarding what we eat, what we drink and what we feed our bodies in general. Lord, fine tune our taste buds to love these rich provision you have made available to us in the food you’ve created for us in Jesus name.

For many of us, we are the enforcers of healthier habits in the home and we sort of get panicky when we are not there to enforce such. While this is sometimes not our fault, it would be gladdening to know that our husbands will always make a better choice as regards their health even in our absence.

  • Father, I give you permission today to redirect my husbands choices when he is away to those that are healthy. Whether I am there or not, he will choose life and health over a moment of unhealthy enjoyment in the name of Jesus.

  • Lord as we make lifestyle changes regarding our healthy, I pray that you preserve our lives and help us to stay committed to it. We will not fall sick  and even when we do, the balm in Gilead will be available to us and we will come to a full recovery in the name of Jesus.


I want you to make some personal declarations regarding your health and life. Write them down and let them serve as a reminder of your part to play as God plays his path in fulling his word regarding your health.

It was nice praying with you today again.

Tomorrow, we will be interceding on behalf of those who have sent in their request.

I want to mention that you can pray these prayers over and over again. Even after praying these points and you are still lead to pray more, please do pray. I have found out that when we pray for people other than ourselves, we pray more.

See you tomorrow by the grace of God.

God bless you.

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