Hello beautiful and welcome to day seven.

Every year, from January, I observe and take note of things happening in marriages around me. Some things I learn, somethings I cry about and somethings I wonder why. When I hear stories of happenings in some marriages, sometimes I don’t have an answer to give the wife telling me because, I don’t know what to say.

Marriage is to be enjoyed and not endured. Marriage is one where the wife should enjoy the protection of the husband not be protected from him. There are so many christian wives that are being abused in their marriages. Some women in a bid to protect face have remained in abusive marriages.

Today we would be praying against all forms of abuse in marriages.

Single and Engaged joining in this challenge, please pray, your life depends on this.


Genesis 29:27,28 ERV – Continue for the full week of the marriage ceremony, and I will also give you Rachel to marry. But you must serve me another seven years.” So Jacob did this and finished the week. Then Laban gave him his daughter Rachel as a wife.

A man who loves his wife will go the extra mile for her. Jacob worked another seven years because he loved Rachel. He didn’t just go away after he was tricked. Rachel to him was work every sweat he was going to put in for those seven years.

  • [Husband’s name], I pray for you today that when life aims at you so hard, your love for me will keep you going. When you have to do extra, you will happily do extra because you love me. Lord I declare upon this altar today that circumstances of life, unfavorable situations and challenges will never evaporate the love my husband has for me. For me, he will stay strong, for me he will press on, for me he will face the challenges and you oh Lord will give us the victory in Jesus name.

A natural man would hold those seven years of extra labor over the wife’s head and any little thing she does, he would remind her of how much he had to work to get her. This is called emotional blackmail. We have this happening in homes and it is not good, it is not Christlike.

  • [Husband’s name], when challenges come and you have to labor more because of me, I pray that you will selflessly do it and not hold it over my head. Instead whenever you remember, you will share of how much you love me and how your love for me encouraged you. I pray your love for me is not circumstantial. I pray your love for me is as described in 1 Corinthians 13.

I remember the story of King Ahasuerus in the book of Esther. He was drunk and listened to his so called experts and sent his wife – the queen – out of the palace because she refused to go him him when he sent for her in his drunk state. Some of you, your husband was all you dreamed of. in fact the first few weeks or months, everything was so fine. Then suddenly, he started listening to some so called “marriage experts” and started changing towards you. He starts to get offended at every little thing.

Esther 1:12 ERV – But when the eunuchs told Queen Vashti about the king’s command, she refused to come. Then the king was very angry. It was the custom for the king to ask the advice of the experts about the law and punishments. So King Xerxes spoke with the wise men who understood the laws. They were very close to the king.

Vs. 19,21 ERV – “So if it pleases the king, here is a suggestion: Let the king give a royal command and let it be written in the laws of Persia and Media. The laws of Persia and Media cannot be changed. The royal command should be that Vashti is never again to enter the presence of King Xerxes. Let the king also give her royal position to someone else who is better than she is. The king and his important officials were happy with this advice, so King Xerxes did as Memucan suggested.

  • Father, every friend or “expert marriage counselor” to my husband who is a bad influence in his life, I send an eternal scissors to cut off the ties that bind them. I ask today that any friendship that exist now or is scheduled to exist in the future that will affect the peace and stability of my home, Lord dissolve them and make them strangers to my husband in the name of Jesus.

  • [Husband’s name], I plant in your life, godly advisers who will tell you how to treat me in a good way. Friends, Counselors, Advisers that would tell you how to love me better. Friends that would fight for me when you think less of me. Godly friends who will call you up on your acts when you are acting non-Christlike.

When Mary was pregnant with our Lord Jesus, Joseph found out and because he was a good man, he wanted to divorce her secretly. God saw what he was planning to do and sent an angel to him to tell him not to. In every marriage, there is or will be a time when we would do something to offend our husband. Sometimes these offences may be unintentional and sometimes they may be intentional to get attention. A man that fears the Lord will be able to handle it through the help of God, but a natural man can snap and react in a way that we as wives will wonder, “What did I even do? Was it just this thing?”

Matthew 1:20,24 NCV – While Joseph thought about these things, an angel of the Lord came to him in a dream. The angel said, “Joseph, descendant of David, don’t be afraid to take Mary as your wife, because the baby in her is from the Holy Spirit. When Joseph woke up, he did what the Lord’s angel had told him to do. Joseph took Mary as his wife.

  • Father, send your sweet calm and peaceful spirit to my husband ahead of me for the times when I would unintentionally step on his toes. I receive an understanding and tolerant spirit for him for those days when I would offend my husband. [Husband’s name], I pray that the Love of God will always rule your heart everyday of our lives and you will be forgiving of every of my offenses in the name of Jesus.

Boaz protected the identity of Ruth when she went to the threshing floor that night as directed by her mother-in-law Naomi. For some women, they do a little thing and their husbands are quick to embarrass them and it can be so traumatic when the one person who should protect you doesn’t.

Ruth 3:8-15 NCV – About midnight Boaz was startled and rolled over. There was a woman lying near his feet! Boaz asked, “Who are you?” She said, “I am Ruth, your servant girl. Spread your cover over me, because you are a relative who is supposed to take care of me.”…So Ruth stayed near his feet until morning but got up while it was still too dark to recognize anyone. Boaz thought, “People in town must not know that the woman came here to the threshing floor.” So Boaz said to Ruth, “Bring me your shawl and hold it open.”So Ruth held her shawl open, and Boaz poured six portions of barley into it. Boaz then put it on her head and went back to the city.

  • Father, anything in my husband that makes him to snap and be quick to embarrass me when I make a little mistake, I ask that you remove it from him in the name of Jesus. [Husband’s name], I declare that you will be considerate with me and patient with me and understanding with me in Jesus name.

Some husbands don’t know how to correct their wives, so they result to abusive methods. Some attack the self esteem of the wife, shout her down and make her feel like nobody or someone who they are doing a favor. The bible admonishes to correct in love.

  • [Husband’s name], when I err and you have to correct me, I declare that you will use constructive words, building worlds, edifying words. You will correct me lovingly and positively in the name of Jesus. I declare that the Holy Spirit screens your every word and only that which is acceptable to the Lord comes out of your mouth in the name of Jesus.

Lastly, Ephesians 5:28 NCV – In the same way, husbands should love their wives as they love their own bodies. The man who loves his wife loves himself.

  • Lord I pray for [husband’s name] that he will love me as part of himself and will cause or bring me to no harm in Jesus name.


  • I decree and declare, you [husband’s name] are patient with me and kind to me always. (1 Corinthians 13:4)
  • I decree and declare, you [husband’s name] does not keep scores of my wrong doings. (1 Corinthians 13:5)
  • I decree and declare, you [husband’s name] are aligned with wise friends. (Proverbs 13:20)
  • I decree and declare, you [husband’s name] will love me every day better than the day before. (1 Corinthians 13:8)

All these I have declared in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!!!

Thanks for staying with us on this challenge. See you tomorrow.

God bless you.

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