Welcome to day nine of this prayer challenge.

How has it been? Have you been praying? Did you at anytime feel as though, “why should I even be praying for him?” I want to encourage your heart by saying, “don’t stop praying. It will all end in praise.”

There is a worldly mentality that, “all men cheat” and I wonder who is peddling this. They make you feel like its approved for husbands to cheat on their wives and vice versa. The disturbing of them all is when Christian husbands go after other christian wives, in the church.

Staying in love in marriage is a conscious effort. If God wants us to ensure we remain in love with him, how much more we expecting same from each other. I expect my husband to remain in love with me and my husband expects me to remain in love with him. But we must work towards been lovable.

Every day in marriage is like a burning candle. When the winds (hard times, challenges) blow, it’s likely it will go off and everywhere become dark. As a couple, it is our duty to ensure the fire on that candle is rekindled. Even more, ensure the fire doesn’t go out.

For some of you, you no longer sleep in the same room with your husband. You have not been intimate with one another for months. You have not prayed together for years. You are basically strangers living under the same roof. If you are here today, I am so glad you are because this time next year if the Lord tarries, I’ll get a testimony.


  • Father, I thank you for your love in our hearts that has kept us going. Thank you for  Jesus who first loved us and taught us to love unconditionally. Lord I pray that I’ll never fall out of love with you, the husband you have blessed me with and even myself.

  • Father, I secure my husband’s emotions in you. I declare that my husband would find no other woman attractive other than me. Anyone who has positioned herself in a way to entice my husband and cause him to commit sin, I send the fire of the Lord to engulf you and make you irritating to him in Jesus name.

  • Lord, I declare today that hardships and challenges will not make my husband despise me but rather, let them be a catalyst that brings us even together more. During these times, let us find comfort in the bosom of one another and let your love overcome us in Jesus name.

If you know you are battling with an unfaithful husband, please pray these next prayer points. Others, please pray for yourself and lift them in prayers as well.

  • Father, I pray regarding my husband [husband’s name], when next you go on to be intimate with another woman, I release a coldness over your body and you will be as one with erectile dysfunction in Jesus name.

  • I pray for you [husband’s name], from today, you will find it difficult to be unfaithful to me. When you are in the company of those who see nothing bad in being unfaithful, I pray that you will be as one whose body is on fire and you will not find comfort till you have left in Jesus name.

For some of us wives here, the presence of our children has made us neglect the needs of our husbands. Yes we expect that they should be understanding but we must know that, we shouldn’t take that for granted.

  • Father, I pray that the presence of the children you have blessed us with will not make me neglect my husband in Jesus name. Help me lord to find the balance and ensure that not my husband nor my children feel less loved by us at anytime in Jesus name.

  • Lord, put a deep longing for one another in us that when we reunite every evening after a busy day, it will be a time of sharing, chatting, laughing and catching up in pure love and joy in Jesus name.


  • I decree and declare, I will always love you.
  • I decree and declare, I will always love you.
  • I decree and declare, I will always love you.

I have come to know that repeating a thing over and over makes it become a part of you. I want you to do this exercise of declaring your love for your husband every day.

God who has created us and given us as help-meets, companions and partners to our husbands will keep us in his love till the day of the Lord in Jesus name. Amen.

Thanks for praying today. See you tomorrow.

God bless you all.

Published by Phebe

Hello, I'm Phebe! (Pronounced "fee bee") My friends call me Phebs or Phebet! I wear many hats (Wife, Mom, Architect, Designer, Business owner and so on) and I try to blend them beautifully by God’s Grace.

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