DAY 2 – THE WOMAN RAHAB (Joshua 2)

Rahab is an unlikely bible character any woman would naturally look to to learn from. Many believers see her from a place of promiscuity but I see her from a place of bravery. Who would take a risk like she did without batting an eyelid? The present day believer would have ran a detailed risk assessment of the situation if they were in Rahab’s shoes.

Rahab here was a business woman and I am sure she had great negotiation skills, a skill we see come to play while she spoke to the spies on the roof. On that roof, Rahab negotiated the terms of her life and that of her family.

Now even though an agreement was arrived at, there was also an instruction on what she had to do. Before I go on, this came to mind.
“The same with Rahab, the Jericho harlot. Wasn’t her action in hiding God’s spies and helping them escape—that seamless unity of believing and doing—what counted with God? The very moment you separate body and spirit, you end up with a corpse. Separate faith and works and you get the same thing: a corpse.” (James 2:25-26 MSG)
If any of Rahab’s Family members were outside, they would not have been saved. Even if Rahab herself was not inside that room when the destruction came, her agreement with the spies would have been null and void. Oh how many times we have flaunted God’s instructions and still expect to see results. To see the result of God’s promise, ensure you are keeping your own part of the deal.

How many times have you and I over analyzed a situation and missed the blessing that come with it? As women, we must ask God to give us good negotiation skills and implant in us the willingness to learn. Also, we must be quick to see the opportunity in every situation.

Another thing that comes to my mind is, Rahab could have called the King to come capture the spies but she already knew that even if she had not hidden them, God had already given the city to the Israelites. That there was an opportunity that she could have missed, if she acted otherwise. Smart woman! Very smart woman!!


1. Lord, when he/she/they that will bring about my deliverance knock on my door, may I listen and welcome them warmly. Give me a discerning spirit today to be able to differentiate an angel from a stranger.

Rahab’s act of kindness brought deliverance for her entire family

2. Father Lord, for my sake, protect and preserve [Husband’s name], [Children’s name] and all of my family members and those connected to me from the destruction that is due to happen. Lord as I obey your instruction and play my part, may the ripple effects of my obedience be enjoyed by my husband, my children and my entire family & my friends in Jesus name.

3. Lord, help me put my faith in you even in situations that are vey risky. Help me to not allow fear paralyze me and deprive me of the blessings that accompany my actions in Jesus Name. Help me to be able to act quickly and swiftly when I am called upon.

4. Lord, where I’ve missed it or made mistakes in my past, by the power in your blood which declares me free indeed, I refuse to allow my past deter me from the future you have prepared for me. I refuse to listen to the condemnation of the devil upon me, reminding me of my past but I choose to believe and trust the future you have promised me in Jesus name.

5. Lord, I pray that when the opportunity comes for me to make my requests, I will make the right request. I will make the request whose answers open doors to other answers in Jesus name.

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