Mary is a character in the Bible that we all knew about before we knew so much about the scriptures. This is because you must have payed a role in the Nativity or you heard about her during Easter or Christmas.

However, there is so much to Mary than just being the mother of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. What especially stands out to me about Mary is her selflessness from the moment the angel brought the news of how she has been chosen to be the one to birth Jesus. Well, we all know the story of Mary, so I won’t dwell on it else this becomes a very long devotional.

Now, I am going to do something interesting. I am going to picture Mary in this generation as any other woman out there. First, she got pregnant for someone who isn’t her husband. Now, this is not new these days as we have so many surrogate moms around us who help other moms who can’t go through the journey of pregnancy carry and birth their blessings. (Every child is a gift from God) Now, usually the baby is immediately handed over after birth and trust me if Mary had said, “God, I’ve given birth to Jesus, come take him.” God would have taken care of Jesus. But we all know Mary didn’t hand over Jesus, she took care of Him even though she knew at the back of her mind that he wasn’t “technically” hers. Hmm!!! Do you see it? Take great care of something that is “technically” not yours. Wow.

When Herod wanted to kill the child, she was up and out to protect Jesus. How about that time he didn’t follow them back home? She went back looking for him.

Beyond birthing my Saviour, one lesson from Mary is that “I should take care of what’s handed to me, giving my 100% even if I know it’s not going to be mine forever.” So be it work, opportunities, official benefits, I will give my 100%.

Oh!!! There’s just so much to unpack from Mary.


1. Father, for all the things you’ve given me that I have treated with levity and carelessly because I know it’s not mine, have mercy Lord. I confess (mention them if you can remember) and I ask that you deliver me from the consequences of my actions in Jesus Name.

2. Father, I refuse to be myopic and look out for only what I can see now. I receive from you the strength to handle the things you give me temporarily as though they are mine permanently. Like the man who was given ten talents to keep and he invested it, help me go the extra mile. Bring to my mind your word that says, “he that is faithful in the little , more will be given to him.”

Mary wasn’t promised anything for the task she was about to do. In fact, what she was about to do was something that could cost her Mr. Joseph and bring shame to her and Joseph. But she availed herself for this task.

3. Lord, even when I can’t see the reward anywhere in sight, help me to trust you enough to handle what you’ve given to me with careful attention and love.

Like some would say, “Joseph, nah man him be.” Meaning, he is the best. Now they weren’t married yet when the angel visited Mary and she got pregnant. Trust me, in these modern times, some men if they were in Joseph’s shoe would have disappeared. They would have ended the relationship and run. But Mr. Joseph, the carpenter stayed by Mary’s side through it all.

4. Father, plant in [husband’s name] the spirit of support and selflessness that was in Joseph. I decree today that you [husband’s name] will see beyond your nose regarding the assignment God has given to me even if it will bring you some level of discomfort and if possible make people’s tongue to wag.

Singles, you will want to pray that God gives you a Joseph kind of man that will not be embarrassed by the uncommon assignment, God will give to you. Instead, he would proudly and boldly walk with you, hand in hand till you carry it out fully.

5. Lord, sometimes, its not my business, but put a willingness within me to make your business my business; and in turn take care and attend to your business like it is mine. Whether it is directly yours or that of someone you bring along my way.

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